Shopping in Croatia

Croatia has diverse geographical features, like mountains, islands, valleys, etc making it one of the favorite tourist destinations. Travel to this country is incomplete without picking up some stuff from the country. Shopping in Croatia is exciting and fun, as there are number of shops, from where you can buy goods of different kinds.

Shopping in this country is expensive as compared to other European countries and Britain. But the quality of goods and products is excellent. There are different types of shops in Croatia, right from branded stores to street shops, from where you can buy goods of different kinds.

Apart from shopping malls, there are departmental stores and supermarkets, from where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and various other food products. You can also buy souvenirs, handicrafts and various other local items, from road side shops and local markets.

Shopping in Croatia and Dubrovnik

Shopping in Croatia is incomplete, without dropping in at Dubrovnik, which is one of the important cities in Croatia. There are varieties of shops, from where you can buy branded goods. Lapad Shopping Center is such a place where you can find branded items including international brands.

On the other hand, if you want to buy goods at a cheap rate and different handicraft items, then you can visit Old Town, from where you can enjoy street shopping. Lots of fashionable stuffs are available, at cheap prices.

If you want to buy souvenirs or small artifacts, then you can drop in at the various local markets in Dubrovnik. You can buy embroidered table cloths, Dalmatian wine, wooden sculptures, dry fruits etc.

If you want to collect some different kind of souvenirs, then you can drop in at Gunduliceva Square, which is famous for variety of souvenirs, on the other hand if you want to buy some fresh local products, then you can drop in at the morning market at Graz.

Shopping in Zagreb

Shopping in Croatia is incomplete without dropping in at the capital town of Zagreb. There are varieties of shops in Zagreb, which sells different products, right from branded items to local goods. If you want to get some real fashionable stuff, then you can drop in at shops like Emporio, Mango, Armani, etc.

If you want to buy goods at cheap rate, then you can drop in at the different street shops that are lined up on both sides. The outdoor stalls sell fruits, vegetables, flowers etc, while shops that are inside the street, sell meat and dairy products. Shops are generally open from Monday to Saturday, but all shops remain closed on Sundays.

Shopping in Croatia and different kinds of shops

If you want to enjoy shopping in Croatia, then you can drop in at the following places:

  1. Supermarkets

There are a number of super markets in Croatia, but worth mentioning is Konzum, which is a supermarket chain, with shops in various places in and around the country. Here you can find whatever you want right from clothes, household products, electronic goods, to canned foods, meat, cheese, toiletries and a lot more. Discounts are offered on different products, in order to attract customers.

  1. Tisaks

Shopping in Croatia is incomplete, without buying goods from Tisaks. Tisaks are small shops, rather stalls that are found in different rail stations, bus terminus, ferry stations etc. They sell variety of products like newspaper, magazines, sweets, chocolates, postcards, local drinks etc. Prices are cheap, so you can buy a number of items of your choice.

  1. Outdoor markets

Outdoor markets mostly sell food items, especially different local cuisines. These products are sold by local farmers, who make different kinds of dairy products and other local items. At times clothes are also sold, which may seem unimpressive from outside, but the quality is excellent.

  1. Shopping Malls

There are number of shopping malls in Croatia, from where you can buy goods of famous brands like Guess, Gucci, Diesel etc. Prices are generally high, as these are branded and designer goods.

Shopping in Croatia and mode of payment

Most of the shops in Croatia accept major credit cards like American Express, Visa, and Master Card etc. But there are few small shops that do not accept plastic money, so it is advised to carry some money, to avoid such problems. Travelers check is accepted, although travelers are advised to carry checks in US Dollars, Euros etc.