Sightseeing in Croatia

Trip to Croatia is incomplete without visiting the different places in and around the country. There are different places for sightseeing in Croatia, like monasteries, churches and different islands. Given below are few such places.

Paklenica National Park

This is one such park, where you must drop in when you are planning for sightseeing in Croatia. This park is located in such an area, which covers the most attractive region of south Velebit. Paklenica is an unusual place, where you will find a contact between the sea and the mountain.

There are number of trees and plants, and this park is home for the plant named pljeskarica. There are different kinds of wild animals also, like deer, bear, wild boar etc. You will also find different kinds of mammals and large animals like lynx, brown bear etc.

If you want to hike and trail, then you can climb up the steep rock that is there and you can view various kinds' flora and fauna in the surrounding. The hike gives you a wonderful view of the place and the surroundings.

Croatian National Theatre

It is the place for art and theatre loving person. It is located at Zagreb and was established in 1840. The present location of the theatre building was shifted later, around 1895. You see a number of art works in this museum, which are done by famous artists. Art works of various international artists can also be found here like Franz Liszt, Richard Strauss, and Peter Brook etc.

St. Vitus' Church

This is one of the religious sites in Croatia, where you can drop in for sightseeing in Croatia. It has a typical architecture, that of Gothic style. The interiors of the church represent the Baroque Gesamtkunstwerk style. It is one of the most important and biggest churches of the country.

Dominican Monastry

Dominican Monastry, situated in Bol, was built on the Glavica peninsula in 15th century, in the place of a palace. There are ruins of churches, which show this place was an early Christian inhabitant.

One of the things that are worth mentioning is the painting of Madonna with child that is found in the monastery's gallery. Apart from this, there is a museum, which has a collection of prehistoric items, mass robes, collection of different sculptures etc. There is also a collection of stone monuments and paintings in the museum.

History's Gallery

Sightseeing in Croatia, without dropping in at historical places of interest is unthinkable. History's gallery, as the name suggests, it is actually a walk down along the stradun. You can have a look at different historical buildings and architectural structures, which are lined up in the old town. You can simple walk down, in order to know about the history of the place.

St. Mark's Church

St. Mark's Church is a 13th century church, which is brightly colored, with tiled roof, which dates back its origin to 19th century. The church has been renovated a number of times, and the interior that is made up of stone is much more dark, giving a gloomy feeling, but still it is worth paying a visit.