Wildlife holidays in Croatia

Croatia, formerly a part of Yugoslavia, is now one of the European countries along the coastline of the Adriatic sea. The natural beauty of the place combined with the abundance of birds makes it one of the most obvious destination for wild life tours. Wildlife holidays in Croatia means a visit to the unexplored wooden lands and enjoying the calm unspoiled beauty of nature. The biodiversity of the country is one of the main reasons for making Croatia an ideal wildlife destination.

Most of the European birds migrate to this small country of Croatia. Besides the Adriatic Sea, there is an amalgamation of four different geographical regions in Croatia, thus offering ample scope for exotic wildlife holidays in Croatia.

The ecological diversity makes wildlife holidays in Croatia one of the best options for exploring the creations of nature.

Do you like mountains? Then, while on your trip to Croatia, do visit Dalmatia. The magnificent mountains of the Paklenica National Park and the lake Vrana are the key features of the place. According to your time of travel, you will see a range of bird species, bird watching being an integral part of the wildlife vacations at Croatia. The spring season gives you ample opportunity to wonder and observe at the flora and the resident aviary species of the place. Autumn settles in with a number of new additions to the world of birds in Croatia.
Wildlife holidays in Croatia affords for a visit to the Krka National park which is filled with karstic limestone plateaus, maquis scrub, meadows and forests. Within the Krka forest land, you will find a gurgling river of the same name. The natural species that can be found here include Rock Nuthatch, Blue Rock Thrush, Crag Martin and many more. While strolling through this place, glancing upwards could present you with a view of a golden Eagle, Short toed Eagle, Peregrine and also Bonelli's eagle.

The Paklenica National park is another popular destination for wildlife holidays in Croatia. The wildlife culture that can be viewed here includes Pygmy Cormorants, Purple Herons, Little Bitterns, Black winged Stilts, Montagu's harriers, Garganey, Great reed, Mopustached Warblers and many others. Herman's tortoise, Balkan Whip Snake and rare species of butterflies are the other wonders that can be viewed at the Paklenica National Park. Wildlife vacations in Croatia is an unforgettable trip resplendent with the wonders of nature. The natural water springs, limestone formations and the variety of birds and wildlife species is any nature lovers delight.