Cyprus Cuisines

Travel to Cyprus will not be a complete experience if one does not relish the rich variety of Cyprus cuisines. Cuisines of Cyprus are reputed all over the world and travelers and tourists who come to Cyprus undoubtedly enjoy the variety in Cyprus cuisines. This variety and shaping up of Cyprus cuisines are very much determined by the Mediterranean climate of the region, or the country, to be more precise. The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea's eastern part and undoubtedly this has influenced the cuisine preferences of the people of Cyprus.

The geography and the history of the country are also responsible for the cuisine tastes in the country. Since the population of the country is dominated by the Greeks and the Turkish, the cuisines too reflect the influence of both Greece and Turkey. Cyprus cuisines are a rich blend of Greek cuisines as well as Turkish cuisines. The addition of a local twist further enhances the appeal of these cuisines.

Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisines have also exerted their influences on Cyprus cuisines, along with French, Anglo-Saxon and Italian influences. Fast food, which forms an integral part of western cuisines, is very popular on the island nowadays. Cyprus cuisines comprise seafood, meat and a wide range of fresh vegetables. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are very popular among the people of Cyprus and also among visiting tourists and travelers.

Some popular seafood items are octopus in red wine, calamari, sea bass and parpouni or red mullet. Some popular vegetarian dishes are potatoes in parsley and olive oil, beets and cauliflower with pickle, kolokasi or taro, asparagus and zucchini. Non vegetarian meat dishes popular in the country of Cyprus are souvla, souvlaki, pork sausages and sheftalia. The major vegetable ingredients used to prepare Cyprus cuisines are green peppers, courgettes (or zucchini), green beans, okra, carrots, artichokes, lettuce, cucumbers, grape leaves and pulses like beans, peas, broad beans, chick-peas, black-eyed beans, and lentils.

Some of the reputed spices and herbs found in Cyprus are parsley, pepper, celery, roka, mint, thyme, oregano and others.

Rice is very beautifully prepared containing chopped onions, chopped and peeled tomatoes, chard leaves, long grain rice, freshly ground pepper, parsley and olive oil. The preparation of rice is known as seskoulorizo. Pastellaki is a snack which is very popular in the country of Cyprus. Oriental kebabs are also among the popular Cyprus cuisines. Non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are also favored by most in Cyprus.