Nightlife in Cyprus

Nightlife in Cyprus is happening and exciting. Not only the various beach resorts, but there are a number of bars, clubs, cafes, etc where you can drop in order to enjoy nightlife with your friends. Given below are few such places where you can enjoy your nightlife, in and around Cyprus.

Nightlife in Cyprus and Bars

  1. DMC Bar

If you want to drop in at one of the most happening bars at Cyprus, then you can visit DMC Bar. Here you can enjoy different kinds of drinks, apart from enjoying hard rock. You can hear songs of different genre, right from hard rock to jazz, metal etc. This place plays music of all genres, in the hard rock category. Prices of drinks are affordable, so pocket pinch is not very high.

  1. Times Music Bar

If you want to enjoy nightlife in Cyprus, by listening to different genres of music, then you can visit Times Music Bar. This is more of a lounge rather than bar, where you can listen to music with your close group of friends. If you are not a hard core drinker, then this place is apt for you.

  1. Bubbles Cocktail Bar

As the name says, Bubbles Cocktail Bar is a place where you can enjoy cocktail of loud music. If you wish to party hard and want to enjoy some loud, live music, then this is the place for you. At times, loud Pafos music is played, which you can listen by tasting different kind of cocktails.

  1. Fans

This place is best suited for all sports lovers. It has big LCD screens, where you can watch different kinds of sports, including car racing and enjoy different kinds of mock tails. In fact this bar is famous for different sporting actions. This bar is a typical sports bar and is best suited for all those sports loving person, who wants to enjoy nightlife in Cyprus.

Clubs in Cyprus

  1. Equinox

Nightlife in Cyprus is incomplete, without dropping in at Equinox. Nightlife means listening to some great music and drinking liquor of your choice. In Equinox, you can listen to music of different genres; right from the contemporary one to the old classics, right from 1960's to till date.

  1. Graffitti Ethnic Lounge

Spending your nightlife in a typical traditional and in an ethnic background is thrilling as well as exciting. Graffitti Ethnic Lounge is such a place, where tradition is juxtaposed with modernity. This place is a favorite joint for foreigners, as the atmosphere is relaxed and cozy and you can spend your time listening to some traditional music. You can also smoke hookah along with your drink of your choice. In fact you can enjoy hookah in the typical Middle Eastern style.

  1. Insomnia

Insomnia means people who do not sleep and nightlife is for insomniac people and for those who love the beauty of night. This club opens, when all other bars put there shutters down. This is one of the Irish pubs in Cyprus, which is always crowded with young people.

Nightlife in Cyprus and Cafes

After partying hard all night, you need to relax at some quiet and cozy place. Cafes are best place to relax and rewind. Given below are names of few such cafes, where you can drop in after enjoying your nightlife in Cyprus.

  1. Dalvero Cafe
  2. Glamour Cafe
  3. Blenders Cafe Lounge Bar