Restaurants in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the Eurasian Islands, where you can drop in to enjoy your vacation. Cyprus has been a traveler's paradise, due to its scenic beauty and wonderful surroundings. If you want to enjoy your stay in the island, it is necessary to taste some delicacies of the place. Given below are few restaurants in Cyprus, from where you can taste not only local or contemporary cuisines, but also some international cuisines.

Restaurants in Aya Napa

  1. Golden Arrow

Restaurants in Cyprus are incomplete, without dropping in at the various bars and pubs that are located in the island. Golden Arrow is one such place, where you can taste liquor of different kinds, along with grilled items, vegetarian and non- vegetarian. The interiors are well decorated, with bright colors and cozy seating arrangements. The staff is friendly and services are prompt, making it one of the favorite destinations both for locals and for tourists.

  1. Los Bandidos

If you want to enjoy Mexican delicacies, then you can drop in at Los Bandidos. This place remains crowded most of the time, so it is good to make prior reservations. It serves typical Mexican food, along with complimentary mock tails. You can choose from a wide variety of Mexican dishes, depending on your choice. Prices are reasonable and services are fast. The crowd is a mix of young and old and the restaurant is a no smoking zone. If you want to smoke, then you have to drop in at the balcony.

Restaurants in Paphos

  1. Gabor

Gabor is known for typical French cuisines. As there are tourists from different corners of the globe, restaurants in Cyprus serves different kinds of foods, right from local to international, French, Chinese etc. You can taste different varieties of French cuisine and you can also sip in at your favorite drink. Services are prompt and staff is friendly, where you can enjoy your food along with good music that is played in the background.

  1. Samisen

If you want to taste some authentic traditional food, then you can visit Samisen. This is one of the restaurants in Cyprus, serving authentic traditional cuisines to foreign tourists. Food is simple and home cooked, which are served at traditional utensils, adding flavor to the place. The interiors are decorated with traditional furniture and artifacts, which has a kind of old world charm. The staff is also dressed traditionally, which is a unique feature of this restaurant.

Restaurants in Limassol

  1. Terrae Mare Restaurant

This place is famous for some typical international cuisines. You can choose from different international cuisines including Indian cuisines. You can choose from Chinese, Italian, Mexican and cuisines from different other countries. Prices vary depending on the kind of cuisine you choose. The restaurant has a cosmopolitan flavor, making it one of the favorite joints for travelers all around the world.

  1. Dino Art Cafe Gold

Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying coffee and sandwiches with your friends and loved ones, during your trip to the island. You can enjoy snacks and sandwiches of different varieties, right from contemporary to Asian fusion and a lot more. This place is best suited for breakfast or for business meet. If you want don't want to wait, it is better to make reservations, before you visit the place.

Given below are few other restaurants in Cyprus whre you can drop in during your stay in the country:

  1. Sakura
  2. Mamas Restaurants
  3. The Golden Sun
  4. Tea for Two
  5. Adelaida
  6. Brothers