Romantic vacations in Cyprus

If you are looking for romantic vacations in Cyprus, you will not be disappointed. This is because travelers and visitors come to the country of Cyprus to spend their vacations, away from the cacophony of the metropolitan cities around the globe. They can witness the beautiful migratory birds and the spectacular wildlife in the country. In the northern part of Cyprus, more than 1,250 species of plants are found. From the month of February to the month of May, the whole landscape looks extremely beautiful and tourism thrives during this time. There are a number of historical sites scattered across the country of Cyprus. The blossoming of beautiful flowers gives the feeling that one is virtually in paradise. The uniqueness of the country lies in the fact that it is at a point where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet.

For bird lovers and plant lovers, Travel to Cyprus can be a very thrilling and exciting experience. The month of March is probably the best season for watching the variety of the world of botany in Cyprus. Romantic vacations in Cyprus are very popular among young travelers and tourists. Cyprus Romantic vacations include tours to the various historical sites, the natural landscapes of the northern part of the country, the wildlife in the country, the beaches surrounding the island and the various trails.
Travel to Cyprus is indeed a nice experience.

The beaches in the country of Cyprus are very beautiful and other than water activities, Romantic vacations in Cyprus can be perfectly enjoyed at these beautiful beaches. A number of resorts have been built across the various beaches in the country and these resorts are the ideal destinations for touring couples. The sea, sun and sand join hand to make your tour beautiful. The major beaches in the country of Cyprus include Dassoudi, Geroskipou, Larcana, Germasogeia, Lady's Mile Beach and many more.

Coral Bay is a very popular resort growing around a very beautiful beach, and in the northern coast, Polis is a very popular resort. All these beaches and resorts are the best places to spend Romantic vacations in Cyprus. Agia Napa is a clubbing resort where travelers, especially romantic couples can party hard and can indulge themselves in drinking and reveling.

The world of botany in the northern region of the country is great for couples to visit. The varied beauty of the natural landscape is wonderfully romantic and is perfect for couples visiting the country of Cyprus. At Geroskipou village, here is a quaint Folk Museum where many can visit and enjoy themselves. This quaint museum has a number of beautiful collections on display.