Sightseeing in Cyprus

Cyprus is the Eurasian Island country, in the Eastern Mediterranean, that shares its border with Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. It is the third largest island and is one of the popular tourist destinations. For sightseeing in Cyprus, there are a number of places. Given below is a brief overview regarding different places in and around the country.

St Hilarion Castle

St Hilarion Castle is situated on the Kyrenia mountain range, in northern Cyprus. This castle was a monastery previously and is named after a monk who chose this place as an appropriate site for his prayer. Later this place was transformed into a castle, by the Byzantines. The castle has three divisions and the lower part was used by soldiers and as stable. The castle was demolished by the Venetians during 15th century, in order to reduce the cost of the soldiers. This is one of the places, which you can visit for sightseeing in Cyprus.


Pafos is actually two places that are linked as one by a connecting road. In fact it is Kato Pafos and Ktima, i.e. lower and upper Pafos, of which it is made up of. Both the places are famous tourist attraction and are famous for sightseeing in Cyprus. Kato Pafos, which is in the lower region, has some fascinating historical monuments and archaeological sites. This place has many old ruins and different kinds of plants grow in the Mediterranean region, where there is a canopy of trees, making it one of the interesting places in the region.

Ktima on the other hand is a quite place, and is not crowded with tourists. This place is the main business center and has different colonial building, which houses government offices and other administrative purposes. Here you can find the old Turkish quarter, which gives the idea how this place was some 30 years back.

Limassol Castle

A visit to Limassol Castle is sure to take you back to the bygone era. The existence of the castle dates back to 1228 and is one of the ancient Byzantine castles, where Fredrick the Second of Germany and his followers were sent to prison. Now this castle is mostly in ruins, even though there is a light and sound show, which is held during weekends, in order to let people know about its past.

Mosque of Umm Haram

This place is the burial ground of Prophet Mohammad's 'wet nurse' mother, i.e. the lady who looked after HIM, where the mosque was built. This place is located in a peaceful area near the salt lake. It is believed that Umm Haram, the lady who looked after Mohammad, fell down from a mule, due to old age and died during the military blockade in Larnaca. Then she was buried near the salt lake and her grave became a place for worship and holy prayers. This shrine and the mosque, later was named after her, in order to pay homage to her.

Kykkos Monastery

Sightseeing in Cyprus is incomplete without visiting Kykkos Monastery, which is situated 20 kilometers west of Pedoulas and is one of the best known monasteries in the country. This holy place was founded at the end of 11th century by Alexios l Komnenos, who was the Byzantine emperor. It lies in the mountain and the original monastery was gutted down by fire many a times. In fact this place also has the tomb of the first President of Cyprus and is a popular tourist attraction.

Magic Dancing Water Shows

Magic Dancing Water Shows is such show, where you can see a combination of laser shows, dancing water shows, laser animations, volcanic eruptions etc. You watch the water that dances on the rhythm of music and at times the water whirls up to 12 meters high. On the other hand, laser animations create a wonderful view that was never experienced before. This place is located in Protaras and is one of the places for sightseeing in Cyprus.