Things to do in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the European Mediterranean islands which have diverse cultural influence, but the predominant cultural influence is of Western Europe. On the contrary, since it is geographically close to Asia and Africa, there is an influence of East at times. This is often called as the island of sins and there are many things to do in Cyprus. You can drop in at different places that you can drop in during your trip to the country.

George's Fun Bus

Taking a ride on George's Fun Bus is one of the things to do in Cyprus. This bus ride is huge fun and is sure to give you immense joy. There are three persons in the bus, in order to entertain and attend the guests. You can see a number of places, around the city of Cyprus. If you feel bored during the journey, then you can watch movies at your personal video player that is there inside the bus. Complimentary lunch is provided by the tour operators and the whole trip is full of fun and excitement.

The Beauty Lounge

If you are tired after visiting different places and if you want to relax, then you can drop in at the Beauty Lounge. This is a beauty salon, which is located in a peaceful seaside location in Peyia. It offers a number of treatments and massages, which is rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time. If you wish, you can go for special massages along with complimentary snacks. Apart from massages and therapeutic treatments, you can also avail number of beauty treatments also, that is offered in this spa. This place is good for pampering your own self.

Dive In

Diving is one of the things to do in Cyprus, apart from visiting different archaeological sites and ruins. If you love adventure and wish to have an adrenalin rush, then you must go for diving. Dive In is one such organization, which helps first time divers and experienced divers. You will love diving in the deep waters, and if you want you can also go for scuba diving. There are a number of hotels, who helps you to get in touch with the people of diving club, so that you can enjoy water sports of different types, including diving.

Pafos Bird and Animal Park

Pafos Bird and Animal Park is the only zoo in Cyprus and visiting this place is one of the things to do in Cyprus. There are number of animals and birds, including different kind of wild animals. If you want to have the experience of safaris, then you can drop in at this park. Special attraction of this park is the bird show. Different birds show different kinds of tricks and it's the parrots, which are huge attraction in the shows.

Olympian Divers Ltd

For professional diving assistance, you can seek the help of Olympian Divers, in Cyprus. Even if you are a first time diver, you will not fear diving, as instructors from Olympian divers will guide you. This is a family run business of Olympian divers, where you can enjoy diving experience of different kind. They will guide you in all possible ways and will cater to all your need.

Water World Water Park

Things to do in Cyprus are incomplete, without dropping in at Water World Water Park. You can enjoy different kinds of water rides, which is pure fun and entertaining. Either its simply swimming, or its diving or a slide down a roller coaster, all is available here. This place is best suited for holiday makers who want to have fun unlimited, along with good food and drink. Prices of tickets are cheap and outside food is not allowed inside the park, but you can have your lunch from the in-house restaurant that is there in the park.