Trip to Pafos

Pafos is a quaint and beautiful town in the island of Cyprus and every year thousands and thousands of travelers and tourists visiting Cyprus make it sure that they do not miss their Trip to Pafos. Pafos Trip really is a wonderful experience if you really are a globe trotter. Cyprus itself is a very beautiful place and the natural diversity of the island is truly splendid. Travel to Cyprus should surely include Trip to Pafos. Mythically, Pafos is considered to be the birthplace of the Greek goddess of beauty, love and sex, Aphrodite. In Greco-Roman period, the town was the capital of the island of Cyprus. The ruins of the Roman Governor's palace are primary travel sites. The Tombs of the Kings is another notable archaeological site in Pafos.

In the first century, the Apostle Paul came to the town on a visit. The town has found its place in UNESCO's list of natural and cultural treasures. Nicocles, the last Pafos king built the port of Pafos, during the time of Alexander the Great. The town is of exceptional archaeological and historical value as it houses remnants of palaces, villas, fortresses, theaters and tombs of various periods.

Nea Pafos's mosaics are considered to be among the most splendid in the entire world. The town reflects many signs of the influence of early Christianity.

One of the important facts of the town's history is its survival of the annihilating earthquake in the 4th century AD. The invasion of Turkey led to the development of the town in various areas. Government investment contributed significantly to the development of the town which the travelers and tourists can witness during their Trip to Pafos. The transportation system, dam irrigation, water distribution improved.

A glowing instance is the existence of the Pafos International Airport. The other aspects of Pafos social life also improved.

Pafos has emerged as a very popular tourist resort in the island of Cyprus and its attractive fishing harbor is a unique feature. The town is divided into two premier quarters- Ktima, the primary residential area, and Kato Pafos, comprising the deluxe hotels and entertainment substructure of the town. The rich cultural and traditional heritage of the town is in sync with the tradition and culture of Cyprus. Trip to Pafos also comprises visit to Pafos District Archaeological Museum, Ayia Solomoni Church, Pafos Odeon, Pafos Castle, Panayia Limeniotissa Basilica, Panayia Chrysopolitissa Church and Byzantine Basilica. Moreover, the cuisines are sure to make the Trip to Pafos all the more special.