Hotels in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is another central European country, which was known as Bohemia until 1918. After 1918, it came to be known as Czech Republic. The landscape of the country is diverse and varied, making it one of the favorite tourist destinations. There are many places where you can drop in during your trip to the country. Given below are few hotels in Czech Republic where you can put up during your trip to the country.

Hotels in Prague

  1. Hotel William

There are many hotels in Czech Republic, including in the capital city of Prague. Hotel William in the capital city has a typical fairy tale kind of atmosphere and is unique in its way. If you want to spend quiet time with your beloved, in order to rekindle your old flames, then you can stay here for a few days.

The exterior of the hotel have a typical neo classical design, on the other hand the interiors are decorated with furniture of modern design and the doors and windows are made up of stained glass. The rooms are big and well decorated with all modern amenities like satellite television, min bar, intercom etc. There is an in-house restaurant from where you can eat complimentary breakfast and order your meals, depending on your choice. Staff is friendly and services are prompt, where you can enjoy your stay.

  1. Hotel Tchalkovsky

If you are on look out for some budget hotel, along with some stat of the art facility, then you can put up here. This is one of the hotels in Czech Republic that is located at a quite street of Jecna, which has spacious rooms, furnished with Italian furniture and bright color upholstery.

The décor of the hotel resembles the 19th century through its style, fabrics and furniture that is there. The rooms are small and cozy, which is available in twin sharing and if you want you can add an extra bed in your room. The rooms are equipped with TV, mini bar and all other modern amenities. Each room has attached bath, which are all tiled along with shower cubicles and tub. You can enjoy your breakfast and your meals from the in-house restaurant. The staff is friendly, which makes your stay enjoyable.

  1. Design and Style Hotel Neruda

Design and Style Hotel Neruda is built up in a renovated House that belongs to the Gothic era and dates back its origin at 1348. This place offers its guest a typical mix of the modern along with the traditional. The exterior has a typical old world appearance while the interiors are decorated with all stylish and modern furniture. The walls are colored either in chocolate or in beige, with matching upholstery.

The rooms are big and airy, with attached bath and balcony. All the rooms have satellite television, wireless internet connection etc. Apart from the in-house restaurant, there is a café, from where you can enjoy snacks of different kinds.

Hotels in Brno

  1. Hotel Europa

Hotel Europa is one of the hotels in Czech Republic, which is one of the luxury hotels. Rooms are well decorated, with typical wooden furniture and matching upholstery. The walls are brightly colored and there are wall paintings of different kinds, which add charm to each room. All the rooms have wireless internet facility, mini bar, side table etc. Guestrooms are also available, which are well decorated and free internet can be accessed from each room also.

  1. Hotel Royal Ricc

This hotel is located in the old town of Brno, where you can stay and indulge yourself in luxuries of different kinds. This place is located in an original building of 1596, which has typical baroque style. This is one of the boutique hotels, which offers all state of the art facility.

The rooms are decorated in typical heritage style, with antique furniture and matching upholstery. The floors are decorated with rugs, which are intricately designed. You can either stay in single rooms or you can opt for suites. The suits are very well decorated and each suit has attached open air terrace, from where you can enjoy wonderful view of the surrounding old town.

You can enjoy sumptuous complimentary breakfast and if you want to ignite your old flame with your beloved, then you can enjoy drinks of different kind from the hotel's lounge bar. The rooms are clean and airy, along with prompt room services, which make your stay in worth remembering.

Apart from the places mentioned above, you can also stay in the following hotels in Czech Republic, during your trip to the country:

  1. Hotel Vitkova Hora
  2. Hotel International
  3. Hotel Esplanade
  4. Hotel Pegas
  5. Hotel William