Hradcani Castle

Built with jet black slate stones, the Hradcani Castle is one of the most famous castles in Czechoslovakia. Built with great efforts and supreme architectural genius Hradcani Castle is associated with many a historical moments. Once treaded by the royals of Czechoslovakia , this castle today is a famous tourist spot in Czechoslovakia.

Located in the heart of the city of Prague, Hradcani Castle has a cathedral and an extensive lawn attached to it. Maintained by the authorities in charge of all the castles in Czechoslovakia, Hradcani Castle is one of the most precious possesions of the people of Czechoslovakia.

On your trip to Czechoslovakia, do not forget to visit the Hradcani Castle. The attached art gallery of Hradcani Castle will tell you about the royal incumbents of this castle. Royal armors, queen's dresses and accessories, including the utensils used by the regal members are all preserved in the Hradcani Castle. History lovers and admirers of architecture must visit the Hradcani Castle, to have a look at the massive monument. Wide windows and multiple floors add a Gothic influence to this Central European architecture. The attached chapel is home to a huge stained glass backdrop.

Besides, the depicting the nativity scene, the church at Hradcani Castle is also known for its statue of Virgin Mary and Jesus. Every year during Christmas, Hradcani Castle and the church attached to it witnesses one of the biggest mass. All the devout Christians come to this church for admiring its ancient structure and architecture style.

Once home to the regal families of Czechoslovakia, Hradcani Castle is believed to contain many not yet unfurled stories attached to it. Most historians of Czechoslovakia believe that the walls of the Hradcani Castle are witness to many a historical events. During the ravaging years of the war, attempts were taken to destroy this great castle.Most tourists to Czechoslovakia can easily come to Hradcani Castle with the help of a rental car or cab. Just ask the travel desk of your hotel to guide you accordingly. As a part of visiting Hradcani Castle, you must also ensure that you buy an entrance ticket to the castle.

A minimal charge is imposed on the carriage of cameras and video cameras. With it you may take as many pictures as possible. The lawns of the Hradcani Castle and a portion of the backyard once used as the royal stable is now used for car parking.