International airports

International airports in Czechoslovakia are known for their opulent services and fine guest treatments. Usually, located close to the city, most International airports in Czechoslovakia are located in the heart of the city. The Prague Ruzyne International Airport in Czechoslovakia is one of the grandest airports in the European continent. The International airports of Czechoslovakia cover vast areas which have been further divided into various sections. The domestic lounge of the airports is comparatively smaller. But the lounge of the International airports is huge and can accommodate a whole lot of passengers at a given time.

Studded with scintillating valleys and somber castles that speak of an era long forgotten by humanity, International airports in Czechoslovakia attract a large number of tourists every year. With as many as three air traffic terminals and runways that can accommodate many planes at the same time, the Prague Ruzyne airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Special arrangements for emergency landing, hangers and alternative runways are also an integral part of all the International airports in Czechoslovakia.

Of the many international flights that commute from the International airports of Czechoslovakia to various parts of Europe and beyond, Lufthansa, British Airways, Royal Dutch Airlines, Czech Air, Air France, La Italia and Swiss Air are the major ones. Essential facilities like emergency medical care for the passengers, safe landing of damaged flights, currency exchange counter, taxi counter and Euro counters are also available in the International airports of Czech Republic. These help the passengers coming from foreign countries to convert their currency in Czechoslovakia.

The International airports at Czechoslovakia are also home to some of the best duty free shops in the world. Allow yourself a grand shopping spree as you buy from these duty free shops. Moreover, the International airports also maintain a strict security and customs checking. Hence, you must always arrive at the International airports of Czechoslovakia with a valid passport and visa. Do not try to escape the charges inflicted on to you for carrying foreign articles within the country. The multilingual staffs at the International airports of Czechoslovakia will always help you in finding a rental car or cab to your hotel.

You can also ask for a taxi to arrive at any of the terminal from the other. Major International airports of Czechoslovakia include Brno Airport, Karlovy Vary Airport, Uherske Hradiste Airport, Ostrava Airport, Prague Airport and Pardubice Airport.