Old Jewish Cemetery

The �Old Jewish Cemetery which is situated in the city of Prague in Czech Republic is also well known as a famous tourist destination of the city as well as of the country. This Old Jewish Cemetery is situated in Josefov which is the well known name for the Jewish quarter of Prague. The cemetery was in use from as early as the 15th century. Before the Old Jewish Cemetery there was a cemetery that was called the Jewish garden. The Old Jewish Cemetery�is a historic site of importance for both the Jewish as well as non Jewish people.

Previously there was another cemetery for the Jews known as the Jewish garden. During the archaeological excavations done under the Vladislavova street in New Town of Prague this cemetery was found. Later this Old Jewish Cemetery was found in the 15th century. The oldest of the tomb stones that were found in the cemetery dates back to the year 1439. there were several of the tombstones that could not be preserved and failed to pass the test of time.

It cannot be estimated that how many grave stones are there in the Old Jewish Cemetery or how may bodies had been buried here. It is also due to the fact that there sometimes layers of tombs. But if an estimation can be made the number of graves will cross the 12000 mark. The Old Jewish Cemetery was a well known burial place for the Jewish community. Many of the well known that is to say the famous personalities of Jewish origin have been buried here.

Among these people many had made their mark in the local as well as the world history. Among the Jewish personalities buried at the Old Jewish Cemetery the mane of Yehuda ben Bezalel has a lot of importance. He was a well known Jewish scholar, mystic and philosopher known to the world as Maharal Rabbi Low. This well known philosopher died in the year 1609. Mordechai Maisel is another well known Jewish personality who was buried in Old Jewish Cemetery. He was a famous philanthropist as well as a communal leader.

Famous Jewish mathematician, historian, astronomer as well as astrologer named David Ben Solomon Gans was also buried at the Old Jewish Cemetery. Apart from these quite a few of the famous Jewish names in the world of science as well as arts have been buried in this ancient Jewish cemetery that is situated in the old town quarter of the city of Prague in the Czech Republic.