Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is one well known tourist spot that is situated in the Old Town of Prague in Czech Republic. The Old Town Square is a place in the city of Prague with a huge historical importance. Situated in th Old Town quarter the Old Town Square every years draws a lot of tourists in the city of Prague. This square is not only famous for its age old history but also for its buildings and amazing surroundings. Most tourist who come to Prague make it a point to pay at least one visit to the Old Town Square.

The Old Town Square is situated in a beautiful location that is between the Wenceslas Square and the famous Charles Bridge which are the most important tourist destination in Prague. The historical value of this place is also remarkable. In the summer season it is a very common sight to see large groups of tourists flocking to the Old Town Square and the place is looking very busy and crowded. Most of the tourists who come to Prague find the Old Town Square a refreshing change for the narrow streets of Prague.

The town square is a wonderful place to meet new people, see the paintings, for buying some interesting gift items as well as for just roaming around. Here you can see some of the well known buildings of Prague. The buildings often represent different architectural structures.

At this Old Town Square you can see the famous Tyn Church that is an amazing example of the Gothic architectural pattern. The Tyn Church is also the most well known church in the locality. From the Old Town Square you can also see the St. Nicholas Church which has a baroque pattern of architecture. There are also many churches at this place. You can also find the astronomical clock in the town square. You can also see the tower of the old Town Hall from which you can get a good view of the old town.

At the center of the Old Town Square in Prague one can find the statue of Jan Hus who was a well known religious reformer . He was burned for his religious beliefs. The statue is, now, known as the Jan Hus memorial and was established in the year 1915 to mark the 500h anniversary of the death of the reformer. The Old Town Square is also well known place for meetings as well as celebrations.