Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is one of the most well known tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. The famous castle used to be the office of Czech kings, the Holy Roman emperor as well as of the Presidents of Czechoslovakia. Even the President of the Czech Republic used to have their offices here. The Prague Castle is also notable for its historic collections. Here you can find the crown jewels of the kingdom of Bohemia. This Prague Castle is also notable for being one of the biggest castles in the entire world. According to the facts and figures provided in the Guinness book of Records this castle is the biggest ancient castle in the world. The length of the castle is approximately 570 meters whereas the width of the castle is 130 meters, if you were to make an approximation.

The history of the Prague Castle dates back to the 9th century. The Church of Our Lady was the first walled building in this castle. On the first half of the century the Basilica of St. George as well as the Basilica of St. Vitus was founded in the castle. The castle was also the venue for the first convent in Bohemia. During the 12th century the Romanesque palace was built in the place while during the rule of Charles IV the palace was rebuilt in Gothic style.

The castle was rebuilt for many times to improve its look., capacity, as well increase its security. The Prague Castle also held the artistic collection of Rudolph II which, was looted during the famous Thirty years' War by the Swede people. During the Nazi occupation in the country the castle became the headquarter for the Nazis.

Later it became the office for the presidents of the country. When the country of Czechoslovakia split up to become Czech Republic and Slovakia the Prague Castle became the office of the Head of State of Czech Republic.The Prague Castle is also notable for representing every architectural style of the second millennium. Here you can find the Romanesque style, Gothic style, Renaissance style etc. At present almost every part of the castle is open to the public. There are a lot of museums which showcase the Bohemian Baroque style in the world of architecture.

At the Prague Castle you can find many exhibitions that represent the history of Czech. There are also toy museums as well as picture galleries where you can find some of the remaining art collections of Rudolph II. At the courtyard of Prague Castle the Summer Shakespeare festival also takes place.

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