Shopping in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is one such place where you can see history, well merged with modernity. This is such a place where the past becomes real. All the old heritage and architectural building is well maintained and this is one of the favorite tourist destinations. Your trip is incomplete without shopping in Czech Republic. A brief overview is given regarding shopping in and around the country.

Shopping in Czech Republic and Prague

Shopping in Czech Republic is incomplete without dropping in at the capital city of Prague. The first shopping malls and centers had its origin in the mid 1990's in the city. Today it has different kinds of shops, right from branded stores to malls and small roadside shop etc, from where you can choose a variety of goods, depending on your budget. A list of few shops and shopping malls in Prague is given below.

Myslbek Shopping Gallery

Myslbek Shopping Gallery is the first shopping mall in the country, which opened its door at 1996. Previously shopping in Czech Republic was confined only to small shops, it was this place, which gave people, the joy and experience of shopping at a mall. The mall is located in a place, which connects Prague's new and old town.

The shopping mall is named after the famous sculptor who carved the St. Wenceslas statue, which is located at the Wenceslas Square. There are more than 30 shops, boutiques, branded shops etc. If you want to buy some traditional stuff, then you can buy it from the boutiques that are there in the mall.

A food court is there from where you can taste some mouth watering delicacies, if you are hungry. Mode of payment is easy and hassle free as most of the shops accept credit cards.

Arkady Pankrac

This is one of the new shopping malls that have opened around 2008. This mall has a number of shops from where you can choose your goods. There are wide number of shops that of clothes, shoes, book store, drug store etc. Interspar, the supermarket chain is also present at the mall, from where you can buy goods for your daily need.

Palac Flora

If you want to enjoy shopping in Czech Republic along with entertainment, then you can drop in at Palac Flora. This mall opened it door around 2003 and apart from different shops, there is a multiplex, where you can watch movies or watch late night theatre performances.

The Cinema City Multiplex theatre and Oskar IMAX is located in this mall. The mall is huge and spacious, with well defined segments and there is a central lobby where you can relax, if you are tired after shopping.

Apart from the malls mentioned above, you can drop in at the following places for shopping in Czech Republic:

  • Cerna ruze
  • Vinohradsky Pavilon
  • Novy Smichov

Types of shops in Czech Republic

There are wide varieties of shops, from where you can choose, while shopping in Czech Republic. If you want to buy branded good, then you can drop in at the different shopping malls that are situated in different parts of the city.

On the other hand, if you want to buy local stuffs, then you can visit the shopping streets, where you can get cheap fashionable items. If you want to bargain, then this is the best place for you.

There are number of kiosks or roadside stalls, which are best, if you want to buy small artifacts or souvenirs. You can also taste some typical local cuisines, like cheese, drinks or some home made food etc. You can also buy clothes from these kiosks which sells hand woven items, which might seem unimpressive at the first sight, but best, quality wise.

Shopping in Czech Republic and mode of payment

Most of the shops accept major credit cards like Master Card, Visa etc. Travelers check is also accepted, but it is better to know the language that you have to use at the checks, otherwise you have to pay extra charge. There are ATM's in all major cities and in suburbs also, but it is advised to carry some cash, as you need to buy things in cash from the kiosks or roadside stalls. Shopping in Czech Republic is fun and exciting, so you just need to drop in at the shops, in order to buy goods of your choice.