Sight seeing at Prague

Prague is littered with the architectural marvels of the Roman civilizations as well as of the Jews. The city of Prague boasts of a glorious and rich cultural and historic heritage replete with the churches, palaces, cemetery, synagogues, churches, houses etc. The intricate architectural patterns mostly reflect the baroque style and the colossal palaces and churches are resplendent with their flamboyance. The palaces exude the Roman architectural pattern. The stunning beauty of Charles Bridge over Vitava River woos hordes of tourists. The bridge is dotted with black statues and it exudes the the serene and sublime beauty of the river beneath the bridge. The view of the sunrise from the bridge is enthralling and it spreads a romantic cocoon in the psyche of the viewer.

The city of Prague brews the best of the artistic talent in the fields of music and painting. The tourists can witness the artists and musicians showcasing their art forms all over the city. The mellifluous tunes of the musician and the creative masterpieces of the artists impress the viewers. Prague is a city of serenity, tranquility dotted with the sublime beauty of the city's culture.

Prague is the city where the renowned musician Mozart performed in its Estate Theater which is a place worth visiting. Prague has an intrinsic charm which is magical, sublime, poetic and inviting. The palaces and castle of Prague exude a medieval beauty and bear testimony to the rich histories of Roman civilization and the Jews of Central Europe. The majestic and towering castles and palaces are awesome and gorgeous to watch. The city of Prague is a treasure trove of historical and heritage sites.

Sight seeing at Prague:

The places of tourist attraction of Prague are as follows:

Hradcani Castle
Prague Castle
Church of the Virgin Mary
Charles Bridge
St Vitus Cathedral
Charles Bridge
Old Town Square
Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock
Old Jewish Cemetery
Church of St. Nicholas
St. Vitus Cathedral
Estate Theater

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France City Map