St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral is one of the most popular religious sites in the whole of the Czech Republic. Every year a lot of tourists come to the St Vitus Cathedral to see its beautiful architectural style as well as to know more about the church as well. The beautiful Roman Catholic Cathedral is situated in Prague. It is also well known for being the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. The full name of the St Vitus Cathedral is St. Vitus, St. Wenceslas and St Adalbert Cathedral. The amazing St Vitus Cathedral is located strategically inside the Prague Castle which according to many is the biggest ancient castle. St Vitus Cathedral is also notable for housing the tombs of many of the Bohemian kings. Apart from being a classic example of the Gothic architectural pattern the St Vitus Cathedral is also the biggest church in the country which, is given the highest priority.

At the location where the St Vitus Cathedral stands at present, the first church was founded by Wenceslaus I, he was the then duke of Bohemia in the year 925. It was built in a Romanesque rotunda pattern and it was also consecrated to St. Vitus. This holy saint was chosen because Wenceslaus got a holy relic which was called the arm of St. Vitus from Emperor Henry I.

According to some, Wenceslaus wanted to convert his people to Christianity and so he built a cathedral here. In 1060 with the foundation of the Bishopric of Prague, Prince Spythinev built a more spacious church. The main reason was that by that time the religion of Christianity had spread across the country and the rotunda church became too small for accommodating all the Christians. This new church was much influenced by the Romanesque architecture and the church also housed the tomb of St. Wenceslaus. Later in the year 1344 the present Gothic Cathedral was founded in the place of the early cathedral.

At that time the bishopric of Prague was changed to archbishopric. The archbishop, the chapter of cathedral as well as Charles IV who was the king of Bohemia at that time and was to be the Holy Roman emperor made the current St Vitus Cathedral as a coronation church. The most beautifully decorated place in th church is the chapel dedicate to St. Wenceslaus. The St Vitus Cathedral also has some influence of the architectural structure of the Renaissance age as well as that of the Baroque age. However the St Vitus Cathedral is well know for its Gothic architectural pattern.