Trip to Brno

If you are planning to pay a visit to the famous Czech Republic anywhere in the near future make sure you have added a  Trip to Brno to your travel itinerary. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. This city also has a historic importance and was founded in the thirteenth century in the year 1243. the Settlers settled own in the place from the 5th Century onwards. Today the city of Brno is one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic and a Trip to Brno will give you the chance to see the beauty of the city, in all its glory.

The Trip to Brno will take you to all the important places in and around the city. The Trip to Brno will take you to the Brno Exhibition Center which was built way back in the year 1928. This is the main attraction of the city, and it appeals to the business visitors the most. At this exhibition center, every year, more than 40 professional trade fairs as well as business conferences take place. It is also a well know venue for political meetings of international importance and concerts by the famous singers and musicians. The place is also known as the capital of the trade fairs in Central Europe.

A good Trip to Brno can also take you to the Masaryk University that is situated in the city. This is the second biggest school of university type in the entire Czech Republic. It has more than 190 departments , institutes as well as clinics. The school has produced many a scholar of national as well as international importance. This school was established in the year 1919.The Trip to Brno should also include a visit to the Spilberk Castle which is one of the most well known monuments in the Czech Republic. The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is also a well known monument.

This famous cathedral is also known as Petrov. These were built during the 14th as well as 15th century. The Trip to Brno will also introduce you to the motor racing history that the city has. The city has hosted many motor racing events in the past and the people here are rather proud of their heritage of motor racing . A Trip to Brno will also take you to the Ignis Brunensis which is an international firework competition. The Villa Tugendhat is also an important tourist destination of Brno.

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