Nightlife in Denmark

Danish people are generally known as happy people, who are always in the mood of merry making. Nightlife in Denmark is equally fun and happening. In fact it is held that Denmark is one of the happiest countries, in the earth. Apart from visiting different places of historical interest, the country also has a number of places for dining and entertainment. Given below is a brief overview regarding different bars, nightclubs, discs etc in and around the country.

Crazy Daisy

Crazy Daisy, as the name suggests is for all those people who want to enjoy nightlife in Denmark in a crazy manner. This place is fun and exciting and is one of the happening nightclubs located at Kolding. They have a dance floor, in-house DJ, and bar from where you can enjoy cock tails of your choice. At times promotional nights are also take place over here. If you want you can also buy your favorite bottle of liquor and enjoy grilled non vegetarian items. The DJ plays foot taping numbers, and at times live musicians plays different music.

Rosie McGee

If you are in lookout for pub, then you can drop in at Rosie McGee. This is located in a street that is always bustling with life even during wee hours of night. It is a big pub, which has unusual interior decoration, with dark colored walls, and matching upholstery. The seating arrangements consist of couches or armchairs, where you can relax. It also has a dance floor, and a bar, from where you can enjoy drinks of different kinds. There is an in-house DJ, who plays in-house music of different kinds, which are basically dance numbers.

Park Café

If you feel tired after spending some hectic nightlife in Denmark and want to relax, then you can drop in at Park Café. This café is situated in a quiet place, away from the crowd, where you can enjoy sandwiches and mock tails of different kinds. The place is small and cozy, where you can chill and relax with your friends and near and dear ones.

Nasa Nightclub

This nightclub is for those people who are real insomniac and wants to dance and drink all night. It has a typical uncanny and retro feeling, with dark color walls, dim light, and very loud music. The crowd is generally bohemian type, who is busy drinking and smoking. This is a cheap pub, where you can enjoy hanging around with your loved ones.

The Old English Pub

The Old English pub is one of the places where you can enjoy your nightlife in Denmark, in a typical English style. The club has an old world charm, with antique furniture and wooden flooring. Country music is played, and at times bands play live music, that of traditional and folk songs. You can also taste cock tails of different kinds apart from enjoying old country music.

There are many other places where you can drop in for enjoying nightlife in Denmark, apart from the ones mentioned above. Given below are few such places in and around the country.

  • The Moose
  • The Scottish Bar
  • Subsonic
  • Mantra
  • Rust