Hotels in Estonia

Estonia is a Northern European country which is bordered by Gulf of Finland, Russian Federation, Baltic Sea and Latvia. It is one of the smallest countries in the Baltic Sea, which has seaside towns, villages, forests, marshy lands etc. The place also has a number of castles and different medieval buildings. There are different kinds of hotels in Estonia, where you can put up during your trip to the country. Given below are few such hotels in and around the country.

Hotels in Estonia and Tallinn

  • Swissotel Tallinn

Swissotel Tallinn is one of the deluxe hotels in Estonia that is located in the center of Tallinn, which is very well connected by road and air. It has one of the tallest buildings, from where you can have a wonderful view of the surrounding skyline. You can also have a view of the old town and Gulf of Finland, which offers spectacular view.

The rooms are big, airy and spacious. Apart from rooms, you can also opt for suites. Both the rooms and suits are well equipped with modern facilities, including mini bars, satellite television, wireless internet, etc. You can enjoy complimentary breakfast, along with different cocktails and meals that are available in the in-house restaurant. There is a caf�, from where you can munch some snacks and different kinds of beverages. There is a roof top bar, where you can taste liquor of your choice.

If you want to relax, then you can do that by working out in the gym, playing indoor tennis, sauna, spa treatments etc. This hotel is also best suited for holding business meetings and conferences. Video conferencing facility is available, along with buffet lunch.

As far entertainment is concerned, this hotel has one of the largest ballrooms, where you can hold parties and enjoy dancing on the floors, and cook tails of your choice.

  • Hotel Schloessle

This is the place where you will find modern is well merged with tradition. The exterior has a typical old world kind of architecture, whereas the interiors are decorated with all modern and state of the art facilities. The lobby is well decorated with modern furniture and paintings of contemporary artists.

The rooms are big and airy, with all modern amenities and well defined kitchen and dining arena. All the rooms have balcony and have attached bath, with shower cubicle and bath tubs. The hotel has in-house restaurant, meeting rooms and banquets. It also has a lounge bar, where the bar tender serves different kinds of cock tails. The eating arena has a typical rural essence, where you can enjoy different kinds of food, right from international cuisine to local delicacies.

Hotels in Estonia and Tartu

  • Hansa Hotel

Among different hotels in Estonia, Hansa Hotel is more of a resort than a hotel in the truest sense. This is a small, cozy and comfortable hotel, which is located centrally and is near to shopping malls and other centers of business activities. The hotel is designed on the medieval theme and has matching wall colors, upholstery and other decorative items. The rooms are small and cozy, along with all modern amenities. Each room is named after different cities and relevance of each name is provided in each rooms.

The hotel has pubs, lounge bar, sauna etc where you can relax and enjoy. You can enjoy your drink by sitting at the courtyard and having a look at the wonderful fountain.

  • Park Hotel

Park Hotel is one of the heritage hotels that offer all state of the art facilities and is located in a park, which is in the center of Tartu. In fact all major entertainment and cultural hub is located near this hotel, making it one of the favorite destinations for travelers and visitors all over the world.

This hotel was built in 1940 and was renovated in 2000, giving it a complete new look. The rooms are big and airy, which offers spectacular view of the surrounding areas. All the rooms are equipped with satellite television, wireless internet connection, mini bar etc. Free parking is available to guests and at times sightseeing tours are also organized by the hotels. It has an in-house restaurant from where you can enjoy foods of different kinds. There is a bar where you can taste different kinds of cock tails and mock tails.

Given below are few other hotels in Estonia where you can put up during your trip to the country.

  • Georg Otsspa Hotel
  • Grand Rose Spa
  • Spa Hotel Meri
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Tallin