Night Club Café Amigo

One of the popular nightclubs at Talinn in Estonia, Night Club Café Amigo is located at the Sokos Hotel Vuru. A popular with the party goers at Talinn, it provides a perfect ambiance to enjoy the party. From location and settings to food and music, Night Club Café Amigo has many things to offer to its patrons. No wonder, Café Amigo is one of the popular nightclubs in this part of the region.

The capital of Estonia, Talinn has not much to offer in terms of contemporary lifestyle. However, in Nightclub Café Amigo it provides with one of the best known hangouts for a fast paced and vibrant nightlife for those who wish to make the most of it. In recent times, a few more nightclubs have come up in the city of Talinn and Café Amigo continues to set benchmark for others to try and emulate.

At Night Club Café Amigo in Estonia one comes across a wonderful ambiance with exciting and invigorating music. A popular with the hip and trendy, young crowd of Talinn, Café Amigo offers drinks and snacks, along with live music by popular rock and blues band. The show by the Disc Jockeys makes the evenings all the more lively and attractive at Café Amigo at Talinn in Estonia.

Music shows involving popular European dancers and singers is one of the major attractions of the Estonian nightlife.

Wonderful music, parties, heavenly drinks, entertaining live music are some of the features of the rare but popular nightlife in Estonia. Nightlife in Estonia is one of the popular attractions for visitors to this country and Night Club Café Amigo is an integral part of it. The charges levied at most of the places are on the higher side and hence visit is usually limited to certain segments of the urban people. However, from the perspective of entertainment and value for money, the nightlife in Estonia is beginning to improve and offer some of the anyone could wish for in those parts of the world.

Fascinating and exciting music, dance, party and good food make the most of Café Amigo nightclub. It remains open from 9 in the late evening till 5 in the morning. With hip culture appearing on the Estonian scene too, Night Club Café Amigo is starting to attract more and more guests. Also, the menu, the ambiance and the overall décor of the nightclub too, is being improved and being made in tune with the contemporary nightclubs in Europe.

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