Nightlife in Estonia

Nightlife in Estonia is fun, happening and exciting. There are number of bars, pubs, casinos etc where you can drop in and around the country. All the places remain open till late at night on all the days, except Sunday. Not only the capital city of Tallinn but many other cities house a number of nightclubs, bars, casinos etc. Given below is a brief overview regarding nightlife in Estonia.

Molly Malone's

If you want to enjoy nightlife in Estonia in Irish style, then Molly Malone's is the place for you. This is one of the old fashioned pubs, where you can enjoy some great music and different kinds of liquors. It has a cozy and homely atmosphere, where Irish band plays different kinds of Irish music. Services are fast and staff is friendly, which makes your night enjoyable. If you want some small bites, then you can choose from different grilled preparations. In fact you can also enjoy dinner and lunch with your family and friends, as crowd is descent.

Hell Hunt

Nightlife is incomplete without taking a sip at the drink of your choice. This is a bar, which is located in Tallinn above the port. The name of the place means gentle wolf and it generally remains open 24hrs. It was the first bar that was opened after Soviet Occupation, where you can see cosmopolitan crowd that of Russians, Finnish, and Swedish etc.

Apart from enjoying drink of your choice, you can taste some mouth watering delicacies that are served by the in-house restaurant of the nightclub. You can also taste the pub's special and light beer, which is pretty famous among local people and foreign tourists.


This nightclub is a part of a restaurant, which is located near the beach. You can enjoy dancing and drinking either in the beach or in the dance floor, where parties are held on all seven days except Sundays. The parties held are romantic in nature, where most of the time theme parties are held. You can enjoy different variety of cock tails and mock tails, apart from different mouth watering delicacies that are prepared in the in-house restaurant.


This is one of the happening nightclubs, where you can enjoy your nightlife in Estonia in a different manner. It has a disco, which is typical to 1970's, both in style and in music. The dance floor has psychedelic lights, which gives a kind of illusionary effect. You can hear music of different genres, right from old melodies, country music, hip hop etc. The crowd is crazy, young and care free, which makes your nightlife worth enjoying.

Illegaard Jazz Club

This place is best suited for all Jazz music lovers. This is a bohemian jazz club that is located in the center of the town and is a favorite hotspot for all jazz music lovers. The interiors are decorated well, with bright colored wall and matching seating arrangements. Live performances are held every night, where musicians play some authentic jazz music. Entrance to the club is free and Monday is student concession night that is why it is better to avoid dropping in on Mondays. You can enjoy good food accompanied by different kinds of liquor. Prices are reasonable and staff is friendly, making it one of the most preferred places.


If you want to enjoy nightlife in Estonia, which has dreamy nature and have a surreal kind of atmosphere, then you can drop in at Mumia. You can not only enjoy drinking but can also smoke hookah. The interiors are well decorated which has typical Egyptian style, along with matching upholstery. The music is also typical to European techno music and the crowd is young and happening.