Trip to Saaremaa

Trip to Saaremaa has always been an enjoyment for most of the tour loving people. It is because Saaremaa has so many things to offer the people visiting this island. What is not there in the island of Saaremaa? Things starting from tourist attractions, scenic beauty, restaurants, shopping centers everything is present to welcome the tourists coming from the other parts of the world to Saaremaa. So make a trip to Saarema and enjoy each and everything that Saaremaa provides the tourist with.

Saaremaa is one of the largest among the islands that are there in Estonia in the continent of Europe. It spans two thousand six hundred sixty three square kilometers. The island referred to as Saaremaa exists in the Baltic Sea which is in the south of the island called Hiiumaa island. Kuressaare constitutes the capital of the island of Saaremaa. Kuressaare is found to contain most of the tourist attractions in Saaremaa. Make a wonderful Trip to Saaremaa and explore all the tourist attractions that are there in this particular island belonging to Estonia in Europe.

As far as traveling to Saaremaa is concerned, it is not very difficult to get a ferry from S�ru which will take you to Saaremaa. If you are coming from Virtsu, you will alsoget a ferry to come to the island of Saaremaa. It is also not very difficult to get a ferry from Ventspils situated in Latvia. Take a ferry from Ventspils and go to the beautiful island of Saaremaa.

Apart from this, there are bus services available from Parnu, tartu as well as from Talinn to the mainland. Take either ferry or explore the bus services and make a trip to Saaremaa.

You must cover in your tour to saaremaa, the tourist attractions referred to as the Kaali lake situated in the capital of the island of Saaremaa. Apart from this there are several sites of archaeological importance in saaremaa. you must explore all these sites. apart from this, the famous Panga coastline also attracts considerable number of tourists. it is always a great experience to walk along the coastline called Panga coastline. There are several castles in the different places of Saaremaa. All these castles must be explored by your during your trip to Saaremaa. Go to the grand hotels for your accommodation in Saaremma. So if you are traveling to Estonia do not miss out the beautiful island of Saaremaa.