Trip to Tallinn

Estonia is a country to Northern Europe. It is in close proximity to Russia. In fact Estonia shares a common border with Russia. To the south of Estonia is the country Latvia. It is separated from Finland and Sweden by the Baltic Seas. The country has had a rich medieval past. The legacy of which is still felt as a lingering influence in its buildings. When you are Travel to Estonia, you must make it a point to take a Trip to Tallinn. Tallinn is a small town, the origins of which date back as far as the 13th century. A Trip to Tallinn will help you discover the historical charms in which the place is enveloped. Thereby, a traveling to Tallinn, a small town nestling in this country helps you experience its historical past.

A Trip to Tallinn makes for a very interesting holiday. This is because a holiday to Tallinn will help you view the castle which was built by the crusading knights. These knights belonged to the Teutonic Order.

Tallinn went on to develop as a major center for the Hanseatic League. Trip to Tallinn will help you to unlid the munificence associated with the town. The sheer grandeur of its buildings, bear testimony to this fact. The churches at Tallinn are a projection of its past glory. The quiet beauty of the houses belonging to the merchants who inhabited this city in the past, are worth a view. They are evocative of the rich splendor this city enjoyed in the past.

A Trip to Tallinn at Estonia, enables you to enjoy scores of delightful sights. A visit to Tallinn works as an eye- opener.
It helps you to see how the architectural wonders associated with this place have withstood the ravages of time, war and a devastating fire as well. The interesting thing to note is that what stands of the town is what has come out unscathed from the fire. Whatever has been salvaged from the fire, is still just so beautiful.

When you go for a trip to Tallinn, you can put up at Hotel St Petersbourg. It is very well located. It is right in the heart of the town. The places of interest are located all nearby. These are in the nature of shops, museums, business centers. While vacationing in this town, you can also enjoy the added facilities of a swimming pool and the other recreational facilities the hotel has to offer. Come and enjoy Tallinn.