Wildlife Holidays in Estonia

Wildlife holidays in Estonia are gaining a lot of popularity these days as more and more people are recognizing the diverse range of flora and fauna in the country. One of the most beautiful Baltic states, Estonia is a place which lures the adventure lovers and the nature crazies from far and wide. Travel to Estonia is simply an incredible experience and more so when they are the wildlife holidays in Estonia.

The country has an indented coastline and there are several small islands in the coastline. The country has a great natural beauty with a spectacular landscape that comes from the diverse geographical features of the country. There are as many as 7,000 rivers in the country and as many as 1,500 lakes. Much of the land is covered by forests and marshes. Ten percent of the total land area of the country is nature reserves in the form of national parks and this is where you begin your wildlife holidays in Estonia.

On your wildlife vacation in Estonia you will realize that the country has an impressive avifauna with the number of species ranging more than 200. To top it there are huge population of Arctic-bound migratory birds which come here in particular seasons. You can find here in Estonia, the most fascinating flora in the whole of Northern Europe. The floral population of the country has an influence from the neighboring Siberia and other warmer countries of the northern part of Europe with many indigenous species as well. These will form an important part of your wildlife holidays in Estonia.

There are several packages for wildlife holidays in Estonia. The Naturetrek tours to Estonia take you on a tour of the natural history of Estonia. This trip can include interesting activities like bird watching and get to spend botanical holidays. The tour mainly focuses on the migration, wild flowers and the breeding birds. Autumn is a great season for Estonia wildlife tours. You get to see a population of the most beautiful and colorful migrating birds.

The early Spring is also a great time for the wildlife tours in Estonia. You can complete this tour in 5 days. This is basically a bird watching holiday and you get to explore the lush green forests and the great coastal habitats of the country. The spring is also an ideal time for wildlife holidays in Estonia. You get a memorable view of the migratory birds and their breeding style. The Wild Flowers of Estonia trip will take you on a magical tour of the most beautiful flower valleys in the country of Serbia.