Europe Travel Insurance

If you are planning to travel to Europe and have a great holiday, you should have a good travel insurance policy. For that you first need to realize the importance of a travel insurance policy. The policy ensures assistance in dire situations during your stay in Europe.  

There are both long term and short term policies which can be done either from your respective country or the place you are visiting. When you are claiming the amount, your cause should perfectly meet the criteria which were already mentioned in the claim forms.

It should be noted that your European Travel Insurance will depend on the country of your visit as there two distinct European Zones:

The two European Zones are
  1. Schengen Countries
  2. European Union Countries

Why should you take a Europe travel insurance / Why do you need a Europe travel insurance?

You may well posses a medical insurance and a life insurance but before you are going for a long trip to an expensive place like Europe you should also have travel insurance.  Risk factors run everywhere, thus to have a fun filled relaxed trip you need to be extra cautious while travelling in abroad.

The travel insurance policies help in covering unavoidable risks while travelling in Europe or abroad. Hazards like

  • accidents,
  •  illness,
  • missed flights,
  • canceled tours,
  • lost baggage,
  • terrorism,
  • travel-company bankruptcies,
  • emergency evacuation

and other related issues can take away your night’s sleep.

Firstly any of the mentioned hazards would cost you a huge amount of money and secondly as you are travelling in a foreign place you might not know anyone there, who can help you in such a situation.

How can you get a Europe travel insurance?

There are number of private online and offline insurance companies who provide travel insurance for Europe tours.  So before applying for one you should be extra cautious while going through their policy document. You should compare at least five to six quotations before making your final decision.

Various ways in which you can get a Europe Travel Insurance are:

  • You should first choose whether you are going to Schengen Country or a EU member State
  • It is better to contact the embassy of the country you intend to visit, where you can get the best of the information
  • You have to choose a reliable Insurance company for your application
  • It is always advisable to visit the concerned office of the Insurance company and pick the application form in person
  • Application form has to be duly filled with authentic information and in accordance with the kind of visa you have (Schengen or EU visa)
  • Compare the quotes of various insurance companies and avail the best suited for your purpose

Europe Travel Insurance has been made convenient especially with the Schengen Visas to visit the countries with come under the Schengen Zone (countries which do not fall under this are Ireland, UK, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus).

What are you covered for / Benefits covered under Europe travel insurance

The most common risks that are covered by Europe travel insurance are:

  • Medical/dental expenses: Medical and health expenses are one of the most common things for a traveler.  It covers admission to hospitals, medicine and accidents.
  • Emergency evacuation/Medical Air Evacuation/repatriation of remains: In this modern world of insecurities, emergency evacuation in flights due to various reasons may hamper your holidays. To commensurate such situations, insurance is necessary.
  • Sudden Tour interruption: Sudden tour interruptions can be complemented later with an isurance
  • Accidental death, injury or disablement benefit: This becomes vital for such tragic incident and for benefits to the family after loss of life

Other benefits include:

  • Funeral expenses in Europe:
  • Curtailment
  • Delayed departure which leads to a break connection
  • Lost, stolen or damaged baggage, personal effects or travel documents
  • Delayed baggage at the airport, in that case emergency replacement of essential items
  • Legal assistance for specific cases
  • Tour Cancellation
  • Flight Connection missed due to airline re-scheduling
  • Travel Delays due to bad weather
  • Medical Emergency and hospital care in case of Accident or Sickness

What is the Procedure for getting the claim with a Europe travel insurance?

The checklist that you have to prepare or provide to the insurance company before applying for the same are:

  1. You can browse through the best offers in this matter from a host of companies online,
  2. You have to choose the number of the number of dependent persons an applicant have as for most of the companies this information is vital
  3. You should carefully choose the coverage limit of the overseas medical expenses
  4. You have to calculate give a date of coverage for the same
  5. You have to choose a deductable amount. This means that you have chose an initial amount that you are responsible for before the insurance pays your claim
  6. You have to provide the residential proof the country you belong to
  7. You have to mention the country that you are visiting with proper testimonials

With all the furnished information, you have to contact the concerned company who has made your Europe Travel Insurance policy to claim your money.