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Eastern Europe Cruises

Europe has remained one of the most sought after tourist destinations of all time. The rich and varied culture, art, landscapes as well as its history has remained the constant attraction for the tourists worldwide. Every year thousands of tourists take cruise trips of Europe for a memorable vacation.

European cruises allow the tourists to soak into the rich cultural diversity of Europe while staying on a luxurious passenger ship. Most of the cruise lines offer international standard facilities and comfort which can be a cause of envy even for the world-class five star hotels.

A cruising trip to Europe is very different from a cruising trip to Caribbean or Alaska. There are too much for one to do and see on a European cruise.

You can now take a cruise trip to any part of Europe. The popular cruise routes that are available to the tourists are as follows.

Western Mediterranean Cruises- The cruise line will take you on a voyage that will start from the southern tip of Italy to the strait of Gibraltar. You can relive history as your ship will sail past the Mt. Etna in Sicily, and Pompeii near Naples. You can spend an unwinding day in the picturesque island of Capri.

You can enjoy the magnificence of Rome, Florence and Barcelona as well as that of French and Italian Rivieras, Mallorca, and Monte Carlo. You can bask under the magnificent sun in the beaches of French and Italian Riviera or shop in their world-class boutique shops.

Northern Europe Cruises: The Northern European Cruises itineraries include the northern states of Europe. The northern European counties have their old world charm which is very different from the sunny and warm southern European counties. The cruise will include places like- Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Oslo, Tallinn, Riga and more. The northern European cruise makes an excellent choice for summer holidays.

The northern Europe cruise offers more than just sightseeing. Alone in St. Petersburg the cruise often stays for more than two days because there is so much for the tourists to do and see.

Couples can take the advantage of the northern European cruise for their honeymoon gateways.

Coastal Norway and the Fjords: Norway holds a special place when it comes to European tourism. The country can boast both about its rich culture and natural diversity. If you want to explore the magnificent Fjords of the eastern Norway then you might have to specially book a European cruise trip which includes the east cost of Norway. Many of the north European cruises donít include the east cost of Norway in their itinerary and hence, you need to ask specially for a Fjords tour. The Coastal Norway and the Fjords cruise will include places like- Bergen, Flam, Trondheim, and the North Cape.

British Isles: It could be hard to avoid the attraction of inviting and charming British Isles and therefore a cruise tour of the British Isles is pretty popular with the tourists. Sail from London to Wales and from Ireland to Scotland, and soak into the changing landscape and culture. Experience how the lush green meadows of England blend into the rocky landscape of Scotland. If you are of outgoing type and enjoy hiking you can avail one of the small ships like the Hebridean Princess to sail to the Scottish Isles.

The Black Sea cruise: A trip from Istanbul to Athens, which touches down the ports of Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria, is one of its kinds. The Black Sea cruise itinerary includes the old Soviet Union States. In this cruise over the Black Sea you can enjoy the rich culture and history of Eastern Europe which is very different from that of the western past of the continent.

Islands of the Atlantic Ocean cruise: Want a trip to the northern tip of the world? The Islands of the Atlantic Ocean cruise will take you to the places you otherwise have only dreamt of going. While the trips to Canary Island and Madeira Island are available year round, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and the Shetland Islands are reserved only for the summer tours. Natural beauty, cultural and bio diversity mark the cruise of the Atlantic Ocean islands.

European River cruise
Cruising through Europe isnít only limited to its cost line and costal counties. Many of the European countries are build on rivers and have great waterways, which crisscross and connect the cities. One can take a trip down the river ways of Europe with European river cruise.

The European river cruise offers special attraction to the tourists. You can cruise down the waterways of Amsterdam on the North Sea to all the ways to Romania. The river cruise will take people from Normandy to Paris or southern France and Berlin to Prague or Moscow.

European river cruise is one of the most popular cruise trips as it opens before you the entire treasure of pleasurable activities and sight seeing. During the trip you can visit some of the most famous places of the world history. The cruise will let you take a trip to the city and visit the historical monuments. You can also shop in the boulevards and boutique shops at various destinations.

European river cruises became the part of the mainstream European cruises only during the 21st century but since then its popularity has only grown amongst the tourists. Considering the number of tourists opt for the European river cruise through out the year one can safely assume that it is one of the most popular options for European cruises.

Whether you are looking for a family vacation or a honeymoon trip you canít go wrong with European cruises. Not only these are full of fun and activities but are also a complete enriching experience. However, you may plan beforehand for European cruise trips because these are always in very high demand. When most of the cruise trips are conducted all round the year the cruises to the Baltic and Northern Europe will only be available during September.

You can now shop on-line and book your cruise trips ahead. While shopping on-line check out for special deals and discounts. You can also find some great deals if you are going on a honeymoon trip. So, happy sailing!

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