AMA Waterways

Since European cruise tours have become the popular way to travel the continent many cruise liners have joined this profitable industry. Along with the old and traditional cruise liners, many new cruise liners too have joined the line to offer passenger cruise tours of the continent. AMA Waterways is one such cruise liner. It is one of the newest cruise liners which came into being in 2000.

AMA Waterways is a California based cruise liner and the newest entrant of the European cruise trip market. Earlier it was known as Amadeus Waterways.

Some are of the opinion that AMA Waterways is the best way to enjoy Europe river cruise. Although the cruise line is comparatively new it has grown rapidly under the skillful leadership of Rudi Schreiner, President and CEO of AMA Waterways. He has a vast experience of working in the cruising industry and had worked for both Uniworld and Viking River cruises, the two most important competitors of AMA Waterways.

What to expect from AMA Waterways

AMA Waterways offers some of the most ambitious regional cruising trips down the river ways of Europe. The AMA Waterway cruises focus on Europe's Rhine, Danube, Mosel and Main Rivers. They can boast about offering the most modern amenities and comfortable lodging, which include in-cabin-full-functional TV and Web setups, elevators and the like, to their passengers.

AMA Waterways currently have a fleet of six ships with the capacity of 148 passengers to cruise through the European river ways. Apart from their own ships they also have lease ships to take passengers to Spain, Portugal, Russia and Vietnam.

The ships of AMA Waterways are designed to offer maximum comfort and entertainment to passengers. The ships have two lounges, the bigger one at the bow and a small, limited capacity one at the aft. There is also an expansive sun deck where you can spend time mixing with your fellow passengers.

There is also a beauty salon where you can enjoy a relaxing massage from a professional massage therapist. Hence, in a nutshell AMA Waterways have everything to offer which will make your European tour a memorable one.