Azamara Club Cruises

The European cruise industry is on a high tide with new cruise liners joining it on regular basis. Since the introduction of European cruise trips it has get immense popularity with the tourists and hence, many new cruise liners have introduced their fleets in offering great touring options to enthusiast tourists. The European cruise trips now breathe about luxury and class. Most of the modern cruise liners now offer modest ship sizes with highly skilled crew members, all-inclusive cabins, on-board entertainments and spa facilities. The newest cruise line to join the rank was Azamara Club Cruises.

It became the newest member when it joined the cruise industry in 2007 when Celebrity Cruise made its newly refurbished Celebrity Journey the flagship for Azamara Club Cruises, then known as The Azamara Cruises. Celebrity acquired the twine Azamara boutique ships named- Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest.

Initially Celebrity had the idea to blend its newly acquired Journey and Quest of Azamara into its existing Celebrity Xpeditions sub-brand, but later changed its mind. Rather, they converted Azamara into a true boutique ship, especially targeted to affluent customers. The favorable ship size and high crew-to-passenger ratio of Azamara have remained the key factors towards its success.

Azamara Club Cruises: Journey so far

At the initial time of Azamara, Oceania has been its primary competitor in the deluxe cruise market. The deluxe cruises rank between premier and luxury cruises with its upscale services and affordable rates. These are also called �luxury lite� by the industry experts and critics. The features of deluxe cruises are,
  • Small ship size
  • Limited passengers
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Upscale services and food, and,
  • Unusual and exclusive itinerary, such as- Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America.
The initial time of Azamara Club Cruises hasn�t been very smooth. In fact, it has to struggle in its initial days to make a mark for itself. Until 2009 it had hardly got recognition in the niche market of deluxe cruise lines. In 2009, industry veteran, Larry Pimentel took control of Azamara Club Cruises and converted it into a truly luxury cruise line by introducing a sea of changes.

Today the success of Azamara Club Cruises can be attributed to,
  • More personalized services with suits with personal butlers.
  • Expansive wine and dine options. The newly revamped menu is influenced by both Mediterranean and world cuisine.
  • They have also included health food options for the visitors on-board.
  • They have introduced more exclusive and immersive itineraries options to allow tourists more off-shore traveling opportunities.
For the time being Azamara Club Cruises fleet consists of only- Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest and according to the management they have no further plans to expand the cruise line as of yet.

Azamara Club Cruise: What to expect

Azamara Club Cruises has lifted itself to become a successful luxury cruise liner. Their suits come with personal butlers who are especially trained in English butler schools.

The interiors are of subdued Edwardian style, which will give you an impression of early 20th century transatlantic steam ships. The cabins are carefully designed to give the passengers the impression of the bygone era with curved staircase, high ceiling, skylights and such.

During the summer or the prime season for European cruise tours Azamara Club Cruises offers- Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, and Northern Europe's Baltic and Norwegian Fjords tours. For the other seasons it offers cruise tours to destinations like- Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

In recent time Azmara Club Cruises has really become popular with the cruise enthusiasts because of its limited capacity ships, personalized services, exclusive choices of itinerary, and high crew-to-passenger ratio. It is one of the cruise lines that have seen a significant improvement in the number of passengers since its introduction. Despite the shaky beginning, Azamara is successful in carving its position in the deluxe cruise market.