Costa Cruise Line

Cruising on a global cruise line which has set the standard for luxury cruising is always a memory to cherish- this is what the cruising enthusiasts will say about their experiences with Costa Cruise Line.

Costa Cruise Line had begun its journey as a freighter in 1800 to carry fabric and olive oil between Genoa and Sardinia. Since then it has undergone complete makeover to become the largest cruise liner in Europe. Costa is now the obvious choice of the travelers who believe in traveling the Italian way.

Staying true to its origin, Costa Cruise Line offers the ambiance which can only be described as Italian in its style and elegance. Their cruises therefore comprise of lavish lodging and dining options with exotic itineraries.

Costa is undoubtedly one of the favorite cruise lines in Europe. Being a part of the Carnival Corp., Costa has undergone some aggressive ship-building program in the recent time to offer more choices and comfort to its customers. As a result there are new inclusions in the fleet by the name of Costa Concordia, Costa Serena and Costa Pacifica. Two new vessels of the Concordia class are also expected to make their debut soon to expand the cruise line even further.

Costa Cruise Line: A fleet that cruises �Italian Style�

The entire fleet of Costa Cruise Line sails under the banner of �Cruising Italian Style.� The concept was first launched when in 1985 its first North American Flagship Costa Riviera made its debut.

The company further increased its cruise line in the 1990s by introducing ships like- Costa Marina, Costa Classica, Costa Allegra, Costa Romantica, and Costa Victoria.

The cruise line underwent a significant change when in 2000 the ownership of Costa Cruise Line changed hands to become a part of the Carnival Corp. As it is the business policy of Carnival Corp., they have further expanded the fleet size of Costa by adding new ships to it. Costa Atlantica, the largest ship ever built in Europe, made its debut to the line in 2000. It also happen the first ship of the Costa Cruise Line to have balconies. Costa became the part of the history when it joined the largest-in-history fleet expansion program ever launched by Carnival Cruise line.

Costa has taken up the policy to further expand its fleet size and two more ships of the Corcordia-class are expected to join the cruise line in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Italian style holidaying on-board

The very essence of cruising with Costa is to enjoy the Italian way, i.e. relaxing and rejoicing throughout the journey. Hence, the on-board atmosphere is always casual and vibrant. Italians are known to be fun loving people and hence, there are lots of fun activities introduced for the passengers to enjoy on-board.

Earlier the entire crew member of Costa used to be Italians. But now, owing to its growing popularity in the international market Costa has also joined multinational crew members on-board. Hence, you can now easily find crew members who can speak and understand English perfectly. This has successfully resolved the language issue of which the earlier English speaking passengers used to complain.

Costa Cruise Line offers one of the best dining options amongst the cruise liners. They have recently introduced an expansive menu of �molecular cuisine� by the famous chef Ettore Bocchia.

Because of their diverse dining and itinerary options Costa has successfully attracted visitors of all age. Their passenger list includes both 20 odd first time cruisers and retirees. For their innovative children programs and menu, Costa is also a favorite choice for the families with young kids.

The itinerary offered by Costa Cruise Line is the most comprehensive in nature. They have ships that sail across the Mediterranean year-round. Their itinerary includes Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Baltic and Western Europe.

Costa ships also travel to the other parts of the world to places like- the Middle-East, Singapore and Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei. Their ships also take tourists to the Caribbean and South American destinations.