Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises is one of the most prominent names in the line of luxury cruising. Since 1990 they have strived to become the best amongst the luxury cruise liners. Their efforts have been resulted in receiving the most coveted recognition from the travel industry and guidebook ratings.

Crystal Cruises offers hybrid type cruising experiences with its two ships. Their main focus remains on offering European cruise trips to Mediterranean and to the Northern Europe.

Crystal is owned by the NYK line of Japan and has its headquarter in Los Angeles. Since its inception in 1990 it has continuously strived to carve a niche in the luxury cruise tour market by offering state-of-the-art lodging and dining experiences. The services offered by them are also of industry standard. Some of the exclusive services offered by Crystal are- on-board sushi bars, exclusive wine cellars, paddle tennis and Computer University courses. They also have the best programs for children in the industry of luxury cruising.

Crystal cruises: About The fleet

The fleet of Crystal initially consisted of Crystal Harmony and Crystal Symphony. The third ship, by the name of Crystal Serenity, has joined the fleet in 2003.

Crystal Cruises: What to do on-board

Crystal cruises maintains the highest crew-to-passenger and passenger-to-space ratio and therefore has the most dedicated base of loyal clientele. It offers one of the best dining experiences amongst the large cruise lines.

While on-board, one can engage himself/herself in socializing, casinos, spa treatments and fitness facilities. There are also plenty of options available in terms of entertainment and activities.

The onboard atmosphere is friendly and somewhat classy. The standard dress code restricts itself to cocktail attires for women and suits for men during the special nights. The day time dress code is of comfortable casual outfits.

Crystal is trying to become more competitive by introducing all-inclusive fares and more touring options for passengers.