Cunard Line

When we talk about the history of cruising we can�t do it without taking the name of Cunard. Caunard Line is said to be the oldest cruise liners to have taken passengers across the globe. When we talk about Cunard we actually talk about the most illustrious history of cruising from steamships to the large luxurious cruise liners.

Cunard line was established by Samuel Cunard, a businessman from Halifax in the year 1840 and since then Cunard has grown to become one of the biggest names in the history of cruising. It is now a fully owned subsidiary of Carnival Cruise liners.

Cunard can boast about having the most colorful past in the industry of cruising. Throughout the 19th century Cunard had strived to produce faster, larger and most luxurious ships. Against the popular practice of the cruising industry Cunard has never been experimental with technology and engineering but has simply adopted the technique when it is tried and tested by others and may be because of that, Caunard has the history never to lose a life on sea due to technical errors or seaman�s folly.

In 2004, Cunard became a member of the Carnival Cruise Liners and underwent significant changes. As a result of ownership change, Cunard is now being handled by completely new batch of crew members.

Cunard Line: History of the Fleet

The fleet of Cunard now comprises of three ships, namely- Queen Mary 2 (QM 2), it is also happen to be the flagship of the company; Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. The capacities of the three ships are as follows,

  • Queen Mary 2- 2,620 passengers
  • Queen Victoria- 2,014 passengers
  • Queen Elizabeth- 2,092 passengers

Cunard Line: Experience the glorious days of cruising

Just like the old days when the passengers were segregated between first-class, second-class and third-class passengers based on their status, Cunard still follows the practice strictly. They have custom assigned restaurants for travelers of different classes; like the Queen Grill is assigned for the members of their largest suits; the Princess Grill is for the passengers of the junior suits and the rest of the passengers can dine at Britannia Restaurant. In addition to the custom added restaurants, Queen Mary 2 has seven other dining venues which are accessible by all.

Queen Mary 2 is a 1,300 cabins cruise ship and most of its cabins have balconies. It sails year round between Southampton and New York. QM 2�s on board activities include acting classes by students of Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and enriching science classes by eminent scholars. It also happens to have the first planetarium on Sea.

Cunard is the ideal choice for passengers who want to experience the British way of cruising. Here tea is served by white gloved stewards at different venues. However, in an effort to retain the old world charm Cunard hasn�t sacrificed modernity. Rather it has upgraded its services to become a successful competitor of the modern cruise liners. The cabins now have Wi-fi connection and offer modern amenities that are expected of a modern cruise liner. There is also fully functioning spa to help the passengers unwind and relax during their voyages.

Cunard�s main focus remains on offering transatlantic cruises. Just like the old days of steamships you can start from Southampton to reach to New York on Queen Mary 2. The cross Atlantic cruise offered by Cunard Line is one of the most memorable cruising experiences. However, QM2 also make itself available to cruise through the Baltic, British Isles, Norwegian Fjords and the Caribbean. Trips are also available to cruise through the Mediterranean and coastal Europe. All the three ships of Cunard are also available for world cruise.