Northern Europe Cruises

The northern Europe cruises are most popular with North American tourists but it is definitely not limited only to them, tourists and adventure enthusiasts all around the world look forward to the tours of the northern Europe in the most exciting way; i.e. cruising down the northern coastline of Europe.

The northern states of Europe have culture and traditions which are very different from that of the southern part of the continent. The wavy demography of the Norwegian Fjords, the castles of Scotland with their old world charm looking most foreboding and forlorn, a trip to the Atlantic Islands- all combining the attraction of northern Europe is irresistible to the tourists.

The northern Europe cruises cover some of the most exciting locations and ports of northern Europe. Most of the cruises will cover destinations like- Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Oslo, Tallinn, Riga and more.

Now most of the leading cruise lines of Europe offer trips to northern states of Europe. There are various packages available to the tourists to choose from. The northern Europe cruise tour can be broadly classified as-

  • Baltic Sea cruise
  • Norwegian Fjords Cruises
  • British Isles and Ireland Cruises
  • Islands of the Atlantic Ocean cruise
Baltic Sea cruise: The Baltic Sea cruise will take you to the Northern European counties, which are full of historical monuments, royal palaces and many museums. You can also soak in their varied ethnicity as you pass through the many cities.

Places to visit on your Baltic Sea cruise trip:

Copenhagen: It is the capital city of Denmark, and is known for its scenic beauty and many well maintained gardens. The Tivoli Gardens are one of the many famous tourists� attractions of Copenhagen. It is said that Copenhagen can be best explored on foot.

Oslo: The Viking capital of Oslo will take you back in the history. You can actually feel yourself being a part of the history while walking down the streets of Oslo.

Stockholm: Stockholm is considered as one of the most picturesque cities of Europe. This is also a great destination for chopping. It is also the house of the grand 600 room royal palace.

St. Petersburg: Named after Peter the Great-St. Petersburg is the home of art and culture. The St. Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum can boast about the most exclusive collection of arts, paintings and sculptures.

Helsinki: Helsinki is one of the most modern cities. Here, the modernity blended into history so effortlessly that it is bound to have the visitors spellbound.

Norwegian Fjords Cruises

The east coast of the Norway is very different from its west coast. With the Fjords the total length of Norwegian coastline is 13,000 miles.

With the deep gorges the Norwegian Fjordland is one of the most remarkable places to visit by the sea. It also has lots of attractions to attract the adventure enthusiasts. In contrast to the many cosmopolitan cities of Europe the east coast of Norway is dotted with small hamlets and towns at the backdrop of high hills and gushing waterfalls.

In Falm the adventure lovers can take the railroad tour to the mountain which is over 3,000 feet high. It is one of the most photo-worthy tours in the world.

British Isles and Ireland Cruises

The tour of the British Island and Ireland can be a fulfilling experience in itself. The five counties, which are diverse in their traditions and culture, have formed the two small islands. You can sail from London to the Walsh and from Ireland to Scotland. The rocky landscape of Scotland holds all the attractions for the most adventurer types.

Islands of the Atlantic Ocean cruise

Taking a trip to the north tip of the world is a dream of many. To fulfill the dreams of the tourists the Northern Europe Cruises organize trips to places like Iceland, Canary Island, Madeira Island, Faroe Islands and Shetland Islands. Although the trips to Canary Island and Madeira Island are available year round the trips to Iceland, Faroe Islands, and Shetland Islands are reserved only for the summer seasons. Soak into the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the Atlantic Ocean Island.

Where the Northern Europe cruises will take you

The Baltic Sea cruise will take you to destinations like the capital cities of- Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and also to St. Petersburg and Russia. You can find both repositioning cruises as well as round-trip cruises in northern Europe cruise trips. The main attractions of Baltic Sea cruises are-

  • Copenhagen
  • Helsinki
  • Oslo
  • Stockholm
  • St. Petersburg
  • Tallinn
  • Berlin/Warnemunde
  • Gdansk
The trip to Norwegian Fjords will cover destinations like-

  • Bergen
  • Helsingor
  • Flamm
  • Geiranger/Hellsylt
  • Honningsvag
  • Tromso
  • Trondheim
  • Spitsbergen
  • Stavanger
  • Reykjavik

When is the best time to go on a Northern Europe cruise?

Most of the cruise liners organize northern Europe cruises during the months of summer, i.e. June, July and August.

The winter is very severe in the Atlantic Ocean and the Islands become inaccessible during this time hence, the trips to the Atlantic Ocean Islands are reserved only for the summer seasons.

Most of the trips are scheduled for 7 days to 14 days but the cruise lines will let you choose a tour package that is most appropriate for you.