Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has breathed in fresh air in the cruising industry by introducing the concept of freestyle cruising. They have broken all the old traditions regarding dress code, dining time and etiquette and such. Rather, they have focused on offering the passengers more options and freedom while on-board. On their Norwegian Cruise Line voyages passengers are also given freedom in choosing entertainment options.

In the process to embrace the freestyle cruising more closely the cruise line has presently undertaken the task to get rid of their pre-freestyle cruise ships. They have decided to bid farewell to Norwegian Dream and Norwegian Majesty, the two pre-freestyle cruising ships. The only exception is going to be Pride of Aloha, which will continue offering Miami tours.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has almost monopolized the homeland cruising market. From its headquarter in Miami, they sail to many places in the continent and also have cruises set to depart from New York, Seattle, New Orleans, Boston, Tampa etc. NCL is the leader in offering homeport itineraries. They offer year round Hawaiian cruising itineraries.

With its youngest fleet, NCL is trying many modern amenities such as- on-board bowling alley, interconnected cabins, special martini and champagne bars, luxury villas and electronic reservation interface for restaurant reservation. The objective for introducing these changes is to offer more freedom and choices to passengers. The revolutionary disembarkation policy of NCL has helped to take the concept of freestyle cruising to the next level. The policies of NCL are so unique that other cruise liners are soon following NCL�s steps to introduce freestyle cruising in their trips too.

NCL is also known for their aggressive marketing policies. They offer heavy discounted deals to attract more cruisers. During the economic recession NCL had announced the policy to make full reimbursements to its guests who had to cancel their trips for job losses.

NCL the fleet

NCL has two brands under it-the Norwegian Cruise Line and NCL America. After its acquisition by Malaysia based, Star Cruise in 2000; NCL underwent vigorous changes to make the concept of �freestyle cruising� a reality. And, accordingly they have pruned their old ships, like- Norwegian Dream and Norwegian Majesty.

Since 2000 NCL has launched 08 brand new ships and now is the owner of youngest fleet in the industry. These ships are specially designed to offer �freestyle cruising� facilities to passengers. Norwegian Sun, Norwegian Star, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Jewel are some of the new members of the fleet that have fast-forwarded the �freestyle cruising� idea.

The only NCL ship of F3 class is Norwegian Epic, which has the capacity of 4,100 passengers. It has curved staterooms, 128 solo cabins, exciting night life options and the whooping 21 venues for dining.

What to expect from NCL on-board

The interiors of the ships are sensibly designed with colorful furnishing. The d�cor is both traditional and contemporary at the same time. For the newer ships the interior decorations are often loud to match with the �freestyle cruising� sentiment.

There is no dress code aboard NCL and hence passengers both formerly dressed and casually dressed can be seen dining together. Tuxedoes are almost extinct.

The new fleet of NCL has great many options for passengers to enjoy on-board. With the new fleet they have introduced many unique ideas such as- special martini and champagne bars, interconnected cabins. Norwegian Epic has night clubs, on-board bowling alley and first ever true ice bar on sea.

Along with there are libraries, game rooms, traditional ping-pong, shuffleboard, art auction, perfume seminar and also several enriching learning programs to engage passengers on-board.

NCL also offers hoards of activities for kids and young travelers. There are several interactive kids-learning programs, teen centres, discos and kid�s pools, which have made NCL ideal for family cruising.