Oceania Cruises

Want to experience how it would be like to stay in a floating hotel? Then you may decide upon traveling with Oceania Cruises. Oceania is known to offer itinerary intensive cruises with excellent food and dining options. Although it is relatively a new cruise line in the industry it has already set a standard for itself in offering luxury cruising services at premium rates.

Oceania Cruises is the brain child of two cruising industry veteran, namely- Frank Del Rio of Renaissance Cruises and Joe Watters of Crystal Cruises. When Renaissance Cruises had fallen apart, Oceania acquired its two R-class vessels, R1 and R2; and renamed them as Regatta and Insignia. Regatta is still the flagship of the fleet. Oceania now has its headquarter in Miami, USA.

With its itinerary intensive cruise trips Oceania has been successful in setting standards for luxury cruising. Oceania is known to offer some of the best value-for-money services in the industry.

luxury lodging, great choices of destinations, excellent culinary experiences, personalized services and moderate pricing have helped Oceania to carve its niche in the cruising industry.

The fleet of Oceania Cruises

When Oceania came into existence in 2002 it acquired two old ships of the former Renaissance Cruises; R1 and R2. Then they have renamed the ships as Regatta and Insignia. A third ship of Renaissance Cruises joined the Oceania Cruise fleet on 2005 by the name if Nautica.

Oceania Cruises originally took up the responsibility to revamp its acquired fleet and accordingly an extensive restoration work was performed on the ships. Both Regatta and Insignia now feature public rooms and associated restaurants. The cabins were also remodeled to produce a more elegant and comfortable look.

Until 2011 Oceania hasn�t taken any initiative to build its own ship. Its first new-build ship Marina made its debut in February, 2011. The inclusion of Marina had taken the total number of ships for the fleet to four.

Marina is built with special care and holds myriad original artwork. It also features the Bon Appetit Culinary Center and the first ever namesake restaurant by the celebrity-chef Jacques Pepin. The inclusion of Marina has said to have set new limits to luxury cruising and thus adding another feather in the cap of Oceania. A sister ship of Marina, Rivera; is expected to make appearance in 2012.

Unfortunately Insignia is going to leave the fleet for two years as it has been chartered by the Germany-based Hapag-Lloyd.

What to expect on-board from Oceania

The service of Oceania falls under the deluxe category. Its services said to offer the best value for money in the industry. The interior has been sensibly decorated with dark mahoganies, muted fabric and plush carpets. The decoration speaks both about class and cheerfulness. The Oceania vessels also feature most number of balconies with cabins.

Given the ship size (both Regatta and Insignia carry 684 passengers) it is not difficult to get oriented with the fellow passengers on the very first day of your voyage.

Oceania is known to offer high quality services to passengers. Personalized services are offered by well mannered and well trained staff. Oceania is also recognized for offering best culinary experience to its passengers. There are four restaurants each on Regatta, Insignia and Nautica and two additional restaurants on Marina.

However, the ships offer very little choices for kids. They don�t have any kid�s programs on their voyages. Apart from spending time on the deck socializing with fellow passengers, or playing ping-pong there are very less to do for the adult passengers as well.

The spa on-board, however, can be a rejuvenating experience where you can enjoy massages by professional massage therapists and pamper yourself with various other spa services.

Oceania offers some of the best itinerary intensive tours. During the summer seasons they ply the European water. They have tours organized to the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Western Europe, British Isles, and Northern Europe's Baltic and Norwegian Fjords. During the winter seasons the Oceania cruises sail through the world and travel to destinations like the Caribbean, South America, Panama Canal, Asia and Australia.

The motto of Oceania is to keep it small and simple and hence their vessels are smaller in size than many of their competitor cruise liners. Affordable rates with international standard services and dining experiences have made Oceania Cruises the default choice for vacationers who wish to experience luxury at reasonable rate.