Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is where history blends with modernity. It is one of the most contemporary of the cruise liners. Although the first voyage made by Princess Cruises was on 1965, most of its ships were launched only during the 21st century.

In 1965 Princess Cruises started its voyage on a ferry chartered from the Canadian Pacific Railway. They converted the ferry into a 6,000 ton luxury cruise and made the maiden voyage between Los Angeles and Mexican Riviera. Princess Cruises since then has grown to become the industry giant. Today the fleet of Princess consists of seventeen ships that sail through the world�s water routes and visit over 350 ports.

Princess Cruises offers a wide range of choices with itineraries. Passengers can choose from their list of 100 itineraries with durations of 7 days to 107 days.

Princess Cruises was taken over by the Carnival Corp. in 2003 in a hostile takeover when Carnival acquired its parent company P&O.; Carnival so far has maintained the original Princess line of operation.

The Princess fleet

The fleet of Princes Cruises now contains 17 ships that are available to travel to its 100 itineraries.

The grand class of the Princess vessels contains the ships- Grand Princess, Golden Princess and Star Princess. Although the Diamond Princess is also said to belong to the grand class of the line the experts are of the opinion that it creates a class of its own for its remarkable differences from the rest.

The Caribbean Princess is also a class in itself. It has marked itself differently when it introduced the innovative concept of �Movies Under the Stars�.

As is the policy of Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruise too has undergone an aggressive ship-building program and most of its ships joined the line in the 21st century. The fleet of Princess now consists of large, mid-sized as well as small sized vessels.

Coral Princess, its twin ship Island Princess, Sun Princess, Dawn Princess and Sea Princess belong to the fleet of mid-sized vessels of the cruise line.

The three small sized vessels of Princess Cruises- Pacific Princess, Tahitian Princess and Royal Princess are designed to carry passengers to interior itineraries.

Voyage on Princess Cruise: The princely experience

Traveling by the Princess Cruise can be a royal experience. The cruise line is noted for introducing innovative programs and itineraries, as well as amenities and services.

One of the most interesting features of the Princess ships is anytime dining facility. Just like in your home or restaurants, the passengers can dine on Princess Cruises anytime between 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. The �Anytime Dining� feature is consistent across the ships of the cruise line.

The Royal Princess has only one traditional style dining room with set dinner time the rest of the three dining rooms are available to the passengers to dine at their convenience.

Your cruise vacation on Princess can also turn into a great learning experience if you join their ScholarShip@Sea program. Princess organizes many informative and interesting courses on-board for the passengers to enlighten themselves on various subjects, like- cooking, digital photography or ceramics.

Computer@ Sea is another program that is available to the passengers to refresh their computer skills and learn new things.

In an another innovative effort, Princess Cruises has allowed its passengers to call their friends and families on-board to say them goodbyes before they sail off on their grand voyage. They have given it the name �Bon Voyage Experience� wherein the guests of the passengers can stay onboard for as long as four hours. The guests can also join the passengers for the lunch and the tour of the cruise. The idea behind this plan is that once you get the taste of the life onboard you are most likely to come back for a real one.

The wide choices with itineraries is the biggest strength of Princess. They have a list of 100 itineraries that cover over 350 ports. They have the traditional Caribbean cruise as well as tours to exotic locations of Africa and Far East.

Princess Cruises has established itself as the industry leader in offering tours to Alaska and Northern Canada. Princess has also earned the reputation for offering the best pre-and-post cruise land options. In fact, it is the only cruise line that has its five lodges in Alaska.

Princess has its services to all the seven continents. They are also the market leader in offering cruise tours to Mexican Rivera, Europe�s Baltic and Mediterranean as well as Far East.