European River Cruises

Europe is one of the most enchanting tourist destinations of the world. The continent is diverse in its geography as well as in its culture. As it was a normal practice in the past many of the great cities of Europe, such as- Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Moscow, Venice and Bucharest, were built along the banks of rivers. All these cities have their very own water ways which connect one with the other. Some therefore say that cruising through the many waterways of Europe is the best way to experience this wonderful and diverse continent.

Earlier it wasn�t possible to tour the entire continent through its many waterways but many of the leading cruise liners of Europe now offer European River Cruises to the tourists to experience Europe the most unique way.

The European river cruises became the part of the mainstream cruise tours only during the 21st century and since then its popularity has grown immensely amongst the tourists. People visiting Europe now wouldn�t miss a chance to cruise through the many waterways which will take them from one city to the other.

The European river cruise offers special attractions to the tourists. One can now sail down the waterways of Amsterdam to all the way up to Romania or Bulgaria. Similarly, one can cruise down the river ways from Normandy to southern France or Paris. The waterways of Berlin, which connect it to Prague, are also stretched upto Moscow, Russia.

Excitements of European river cruise

The European river cruise is full of excitements and activities. It allows the tourists to experience the many places in Europe in the most exciting way. It opens up the entire treasure chest of activities and sight seeing before one. You can go on shore to spend your time in roaming through the streets of the towns and villages, visit the local market, and go to the museums and places of historical importance. You can also shop in the boulevards and boutique shops for your near and dear ones.

Best time for European river cruise

Unlike the northern European cruise and the Mediterranean cruise which are available only for few months in a year- European river cruises are available year round. The average speed of the cruising ship remains 10nt, which sets the right pace for river cruising. These slow speed cruising is the ideal way to spend your honeymoon or romantic vacation.

All these have made European river cruise all the more popular with the tourists. Given the wide popularity of river way cruising most of the leading cruise liners of Europe now offer European rive cruises. Some of the leading names in European river cruises are,

  • Viking River Cruises
  • Uniworld River Cruises
  • AMA Waterways (Amadeus)
  • Avalon Waterways (Globus)
  • Globus
The European river cruises have established that cruising through the coastlines of Europe isn�t the only way to experience Europe. But, you can now even cruise through the mainland of Europe in a luxurious passenger ship while sipping through its diverse and rich culture.