Transatlantic Cruises

Remember the luxury passenger ship, Titanic? It was suppose to carry passengers from London port to the East Coast of USA and at that time it was considered to set the benchmark for luxury trips on ships. If we don�t dwell much on the infamous fate that the ship had met on its maiden voyage, the ship spoke of class, luxury and comfort. Transatlantic cruises were once regarded as grand ocean voyage when passengers used to spend their time in lounging in the ship deck, drink, dine and dance while sailing to and fro between America and Europe. Some would say that those luxurious transatlantic cruises were the things of the past but that is not true. You can still experience the same pleasure what your ancestors had have enjoyed during their voyages from Europe to America.

Many modern cruise liners now offer transatlantic cruises for those who value traveling in style. For many transatlantic cruises are one of a kind experience, which they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Once crossing the Atlantic Ocean was a part of regular trading but today it is one of the most romantic and pleasurable voyages that one can experience.

You can now take a repositioning transatlantic trip from Europe to America. Most of the major cruise liners now offer transatlantic cruise trips from Europe to USA. Some of the cruise lines that offer transatlantic voyages are,
  • Holland America: The cruise line of Holland America will sail from Lisbon for New York.
  • Oceania: Oceania sets off from Lisbon to reach to Miami.
  • Princess: Princess offers its trip during September. You can also choose this liner on its return trip at next fall.
  • Windstar: This cruise line has two sailings from Lisbon.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: This cruise line is also available for the trip to USA during September.
Many of the tourists now fly to Europe on their trip to the continent and prefer to return by the transatlantic voyages to make the most of the European holiday experience.

Transatlantic cruises: Eat, drink and be merry

Unlike the other popular cruise trips, transatlantic cruises have very few ports to call. Hence, the main focus remains on making the life on-board most exciting. Staying in a transatlantic cruise ship can be most exciting since it offers the comfort and luxury of a five-star hotel.

The ship may have its own band of musicians on board to entertain the guests. Most cruise liners hire event management agencies who will organize dance and theme parties for the passengers. The experience will be complete with fine wine and dine arrangements.

A transatlantic trip is mostly about relaxing and enjoying a life on sea. However, most ships will offer computer and health classes to the passengers to keep them engaged. You may also take advantage of the fully equipped shipboard spa. Spend time in the deck with your loved one or friends. Interact with your fellow passengers just like the old days when the life wasn�t so busy.

Many of the modern transatlantic voyages have certain extended versions which will make stops at islands of the Bermuda, the Azores and the Canary. Some may also include Caribbean islands and certain European ports in their itineraries to make the trip a more complete experience for the passengers.

Transatlantic cruises: When is the best time for the trip?

Apart from Cunard, which has a 165 years old history of offering regular transatlantic cruises, other cruise lines are seasonal. The ships will make their journey towards Europe at the beginning of the summer from the Caribbean islands where they have spent their winters. A return trip is available during September and October when the ships will return to the Caribbean for their winter trips. Some of the cruise lines that offer regular transatlantic cruises are- Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean International. On an average the duration of the journey would be of sixteen days.