Voyages of Discovery

Now is the time to discover the world in a complete new way and the best way to discover the world is through Voyages of Discovery. This cruise service is special because of its simplicity. You can rediscover the monuments, cities, along with the modern and ancient cites. There are small stories attached to every place. Voyages of Discovery will help you to know all stories related to each place. The ships have a capacity to hold around 650 guests. So, you will be able to meet the other guests during your journey. Voyages of Discovery will provide you with the most relax holiday you have ever come across.

Why choose Voyages of Discovery

There are many cruises available today. But out of all these why will you choose Voyages of Discovery? There must be some specialty of this cruise. The facility provided by the Voyages of Discovery is worth the visit. Few of the facilities provided by this cruise are mentioned below:

  1. The cruise has a well equipped gym which attracts all.
  2. The beauty salons are there for facial, manicure and massage.
  3. You will get a hairdresser too.
  4. There is reputed juice bar.
  5. The sauna is there for men and women both.
  6. There are two swimming pools.
  7. There are two public Jacuzzis.
  8. Four lounges are specially designed and they are called: Carousel Lounge and Bar, Discovery Lounge, Palm Court and Bridge Club Lounge.
  9. There are six bars namely, Waves�Bar, Hideaway Bar, Carousel Bar, Explorer Bar, Yacht Club Bar�and Seven Continents Bar.
  10. Cinema hall with a capacity of 170 people are there to make you feel relaxed.
  11. There are two restaurants called Seven Continents Restaurant and Yacht Club Restaurant.

Apart from all these facilities you will be provided with library which has books of various tastes. A card room is there where you can relax and enjoy. The internet center is there to surf. You will get communication of telephone, e-mail, and fax through satellite. A medical center is there which opens 24/7. You can get a feeling of duty free shop from the shop which is cashless. You will be charged on your cabin card.

Destination covered by Voyages of Discovery

Voyages of Discovery moves on various part of the world in the most luxurious way. The places and trip which the Voyages of Discovery arranges are mentioned below:

  1. Scandinavia, Russia, Baltic
  2. Iceland, Faroes
  3. British Isles, Ireland
  4. Mediterranean
  5. Black Sea and North Africa
  6. The orient and the Middle East
  7. Grand Voyages
  8. Australia

The cuisine experience

Having food on an open deck is a new experience. The cuisine is special for at Voyages of Discovery. You will surely love the food here. The chefs are internationally trained and food and beverages are served with special care. Breakfasts are served at the Seven Continents Restaurant or "al fresco". If you wish they will serve the continental breakfast in your cabin too. The lunch will be enjoyed on the open deck. Dinner is served at 6.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. You may let them know your preferred dinner at the time of booking and the same will be served.

The travel with Voyages of Discovery

Your travel with Voyages of Discovery will give you a bunch of experience which you will cherish life long. Two weeks before your travel you will get the brochures. These brochures will give you a complete plan of the trip. The health and beauty spa will let you relax and rejuvenate your self. The facilitators have made premier cabins, standard cabins and single cabins for their guests. There are different offers at Voyages of Discovery. So you may search the web site to get all relevant information. A travel in a cruise is always a happy one. These trips are far more hassle free. You do not have to worry about the ticket, the medical the food and all other common factors. Just pack your bag and unpack it once.

Cruises give you an opportunity to travel over water and see the land in a complete new way. The deep blue water, the clouds on the sky will also be your partner while you travel. The luxurious accommodation adds the extra touch in the holiday. You will be able to witness the sunrise and sunset from the stateroom. This makes the holiday a perfect one. You can plan your trip with your family or with your beloved. So as you think of your holiday plan it on a cruise and book it at Voyages of Discovery.