Western Europe Cruises

Cruising is one of the best ways to tour Europe. In the recent time cruising through Europe has become the popular mean to experience this vast and diverse continent. Earlier one could only travel across Europe by road or train but now you can sail in a luxurious passenger ship, which will take you to the ports and cities of interest.

Amongst the different cruise routes available in Europe- Western Europe cruises hold a special place with the tourists. The Western Europe cruise will take you to tourist destinations like- Britain, Ireland, France, Amsterdam, Portugal and Spain. Some cruise liners may also include Egypt in their Western Europe cruise itineraries as a bonanza.

Western Europe cruises are one of the most fulfilling and adventurous cruise tours in the world. The cruise will take you to some of the best places in Europe where you can experience the diverse culture and lifestyles of the people. When your cruise ship will anchor in one of its destinations you can disembark the ship and hit the town. You can visit the places of interests, historical monuments, cathedrals, museums or simply can stroll in the unwinding paths while soaking in its traditions and cultures. The Western Europe cruises are also ideal for the shopping enthusiasts since it includes some of the hottest shopping destinations of the world, like- London, Paris, Amsterdam and the like.

Most of the leading cruise lines of Europe are now available to take tourists to Western Europe cruises. Hence, these are easy to book and also you can find some great rates with them. The Western Europe cruises can be broadly classified as the following,
  • Western Atlantic coast
  • Tour of the British Isles

Western Atlantic coast: Some Western Europe cruise will sail to as far as Netherlands. When you are in Rotterdam, Netherlands; take a tour through the canals to visit the land of windmills and tulip fields. Go offshore to enjoy the most unique landscape of Netherlands.

The port of Le Havre to the northwest of France will give you the access to the beaches of Normandy and town of Rouen. Rouen has some of the famous examples of gothic architecture from the medieval period.

On your stop to Spain you can pay visit to its famous museums and buildings. You can even pay a visit to the popular wine country of the Basque Region.

On your Western Europe tour you may also stop by the smallest but oldest capital of Europe, Lisbon, to experience its long history of culture and tradition.

Tour of the British Isles: The Tour of the British Isles is particularly popular with the North American tourists since they share the same language, tradition and history. Many even come here in search of their roots and ancestral villages. Hence, the tours of the British Isles are particularly nostalgic.

Many of the British ports are operative since the medieval period and are dotted with imposing looking castles and abbeys. Hence, this can easily be a tour back in the history. Many of these castles have been specially preserved to hold their old world charm where you can see the items and artifacts of the bygone era.

London in particular has a special attraction for tourists since it is regarded as one of the top shopping destinations in the world. Make the most of your London stay and go offshore for a shopping expedition.

Dublin in Ireland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Here you can find some of the best examples of Georgian mansions. On your stop to Waterford, you can visit the famous Waterford Crystal Factory and see first-hand the award winning skills of glass cutting, blowing and engraving.

Visit the Scottish highland and if you are a hiking enthusiast you can also go on a hiking expedition in the craggy cliffs of Scotland.

A trip to Canary Island and Moroccan ports: Some Western Europe cruise liners will take you to Canary Islands, which is located at the northwest coast of Morocco. This trip can be especially attractive as you can experience an entirely different culture from Europe. Enjoy the colorful lifestyle of the Islanders and enjoy in its many beaches beside pristine blue sea.

What is the best time for Western Europe cruise?

The trips of the Western Atlantic coast and Canary Island are often conducted during early fall and spring. The weather of this region remains particularly favorable during this time.

The trip of the British Island has been reserved for the summer, i.e. during June and July when the weather is most appropriate. The ships which return from their voyages of Western Europe coasts are made available for the tours of the British Islands.

How can you book your Western Europe cruise?

Most of the cruise liners of Europe offer Western Europe tour packages and hence, you can book your trip with any of them. You may search on-line for discounted and cheap deals on Western Europe cruises.

The tour of the west coast of Europe is one of the most popular cruise trips and hence, you must book your tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Shop around to find best deals, itinerary, services and also compare costs before you book your voyage. This way you can save big on your Western Europe cruise trip.

Most of the voyages will depart from Southampton and Dover, which are well connected with London and can be reached easily by air. Most of the flights to Europe from North America are scheduled in the late afternoon and reach to the European destination early morning in the next day; thus adding an extra day in the tour.