Nightlife in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands is one of the small islands that are located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the tiniest islands, which is famous worldwide for its diverse attractions. On one hand there are number of ancient and historical buildings and on the other hand the island boasts of flora and fauna of different varieties.

Even though it is a tiny island, there are different karaoke bars, jazz clubs, pubs, nightclubs, etc where you can drop in to enjoy your nightlife in Faroe Islands. Given below is a brief overview regarding different nightclubs, where you can enjoy your nightlife during your trip in the country.

Nightlife in Faroe Islands and Torshavn

Torshavn is the smallest capital, which has few nightclubs and bars, where you can drop in. Even though there is not many place in the capital city for enjoying nightlife in Faroe Islands, but you will find the party crowd gearing up for spending some happening nightlife on the weekends.

Most of the nightclubs in the capital city remain open all night on Saturdays and Sundays and at time it remains open on Thursday night also. Most of the nightclubs are dance bars and lounges, where you can enjoy listening to music of different genres and also can shake your leg at the foot taping numbers. The nightclubs do not have bars, as people of the island prefer drinking in their house or dropping in at bars or pubs.

The nightclubs closes at dawn and you will find the party crowd dropping in at the different snacks and coffee bars to enjoy there morning drink. Names of few nightclubs in the capital city are mentioned below where you can enjoy your nightlife in Faroe Islands:

  • Eclipse
  • Cippo
  • Rex

If you want to enjoy nightlife in Faroe Islands in a bit different manner apart from dropping in at dance clubs, casinos etc and if you want to enjoy in a quite place, by listening good music, then you visit the drop in at the following places:

  • Café Natur
  • Hvonn
  • Manhattan
  • Glitnir

All the nightclubs in the island is open to all those who are adults and have attained 18 years of age. You need to carry your proof of age if you want to enter any bar, pub, casino etc. All the places have provision for live music and there is in-house DJ in all the pubs, who plays foot taping music.

The interiors of the nightclubs are decorated in stylish and lavish manner, with bright colors and matching upholstery. Most of the places have wooden floorings and in some clubs you will find karaoke music being played, which is very popular among tourists and local people.