Restaurants in Faroe Islands

Faroe Island can be easily reached from UK. It is one such island where you will find the ancient is very well merged with the modern. You will find small cottages, ancient wooden churches and different other ancient architectural structure. This place has evolved as one of the modern places amidst the land of fjords and tunnels. During your trip to the country, you can enjoy some mouth watering delicacies at different restaurants in Faroe Islands, right from traditional to international cuisine. A few such restaurants in and around the island is given below.

Restaurants in Streymoy

  • Etika

Etika is one of the restaurants in Faroe Islands, where you can enjoy typical Japanese food. Not only food, the ambience is also worth noticing. The interiors are well decorated with typical antique furniture, dim light and low seating arrangements. The food is fresh and delicious and you can choose from a variety of Japanese items. If you love Sushi, then you can really hog some fabulous sushi that is prepared here. Prices are reasonable and if you love drinking then you can do that also from the small bar.

  • Pizza 67

If you are in lookout of some Italian food items, then you can drop in at Pizza 67. The name of the restaurant itself indicates the kind of food that is being served here. This place is a favorite joint by the islanders, who wants to enjoy pure Italian food.

  • Restaurant Hafnia

Restaurant Hafina is the place for all those people who wish to taste international cuisines of different kinds. This is one of the restaurants in Faroe Islands that is preferred by foreign tourists, who wants to taste international cuisines apart from local and traditional cuisines. Tourists can taste Danish, European and Scandinavian food of different varieties. Along with the food, if you want, you can enjoy drink of your choice from the bar and if you are unable to choose the right kind of drink, then the bar tender helps you to choose the drink of your choice.

Restaurants in Faroe Islands and Torshavn

  • Hvonn

Hvonn is very well decorated and cozy place, where you can enjoy your food sitting in a wonderful locale. You can choose from various American, international cuisines, along with pizzas. This place is both a restaurant and café at the same time, so you can drop in at any point of time. In fact this place is best suited for small gathering or family outings. It is advised to book your table in advance as it is always crowded.

  • Marco Polo

Marco Polo is the place for the lovers of ham burgers, steaks etc. This is one of the restaurants in Faroe Islands where you can enjoy various kinds of barbeque preparations apart from grilled food items. Prices are cheap and you can choose from a wide variety of options, making it one stop destination for college goers and tourists.

Some of the other restaurants in Faroe Islands are given below, where you can drop in during your trip to the country:
  • Messan
  • Café Borokrokur