Shopping in Faroe Islands

Faroe or Faeroe Islands is a collection of different islands, big and small, situated in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean. The island has evolved a lot from its yester years. From a small, sleepy old town, surrounded by cliffs and mountains, it emerged as a cosmopolitan place. It is a travelers' paradise and a favorite tourist destination. Trip to the island is incomplete without shopping in Faroe Islands. It is a small place which has different kinds of shops, selling variety of goods. Given below is a brief overview regarding shopping in the islands.

Shopping in Faroe Islands

Shopping in Faroe Islands is real fun as all goods are cheap and all items are duty free. Since Faroe Islands is a part of European Union and it is also in the list of duty free countries, all items that are sold are duty free, so this is a shopper's paradise. So whenever people drop in the islands, they buy as much stuffs as possible, as all the items are "duty free" and prices are very low.

Shopping in Faroe Islands and shops in Torshavan

  • SMS Shopping Center

This is one of the shopping centers, located at Torshavn. It is one of the best supermarkets in the island, where you can find different varieties of shops right from apparels, foot wears, accessories, and household products to electronic goods and lots more. You can also get a number of fashionable shops, from where you can buy contemporary fashionable stuffs. But if you plan to bargain, then you will be disappointed as no bargain is possible here.

There is a different section for food items and fresh food products. Apart from food products, you can also choose your stuffs from burger king, which is one of the preferred shops for buying food items. Prices are reasonable and you can buy goods at a considerable low price, compared to other places, as all the items are duty free. But if you are in lookout of meat or other non- vegetarian products, then you will be disheartened.

  • Sirri

This is a shopper's paradise for all women shoppers. It is one of the shops, where you will find highly fashionable items of different material and at very cheap prices. It is a store where you will find style and tradition is very well merged. You can find clothes of different varieties like hats, knitted items, blankets, sweaters, etc. This store specializes in semi-deconstructed clothes made from Faroese wool, which have a typical look.

Wool is a patent item of Faroe Islands and there is an old saying by the people of the country that "wool is the gold of Faroes". Right from the Viking age up to now, wool and woolen products are of prime importance of the islands. In fact the island is known for intricate woolen works and different factories which produce knit wear of different varieties and design. You will find many families in the island, who are engaged in the business of spinning yarns and making different woolen products from it.

Shopping in Faroe Islands and different other shops in the island

  • Bonus Supermarket
  • Tangabuion
  • F K Supermarket