Sightseeing in Faroe Islands

Faroe Island or sheep islands as it is known is a land of beauty and is one of the world's remotest and most beautiful island. The island is nominated as the most picturesque and beautiful island by national geographic. It is made up of 18 islands, which comprises of small fishing villages, cottage like houses, ancient historical architectures, cliffs etc. There are various places for sightseeing in Faroe Islands. A brief over view regarding sightseeing in the island is given below. Few options those are available for sightseeing is given below.

Tour to Faroes Island

If you really want to enjoy sightseeing in Faroe Islands, it is best to tour the entire island. The island is rated best by all nature lovers and offers some spectacular and breath taking view to travelers. You can trail the whole island either by simply hiking or in a car and have a look at small colorful villages, mountains, fjords, etc. The island offers such breath taking view, at times it seems that it is a painted scenery and not a real island.

Visiting Torshavn

During your visit to the island, your trip is incomplete without dropping in at the capital city of Torshavn. Apart from different historical places of interest, the capital city has a typical old world charm, as it has ancient buildings, art galleries, museums etc. In fact the capital town is also the main center of Faroese culture. The place also has different restaurants and pubs, where you can drop in to taste some mouth watering Faroese cuisine and other local delicacies. If you want you can also opt for package tours which include excursions, visiting heritage sides etc.

Island for Romance

This island is often referred to as island of romance. This is a beautiful, small island, where you can drop in with your loved ones for sightseeing in Faroe Islands. It is the most suitable getaway, where you can enjoy some quiet moments with your beloved and enjoy the beauty of the place, away from the crowd.

Weekend trip to the Island

Weekend trip to the island is relaxing and rejuvenating, as it is an apt location for spending your weekends. There are many small villages where you can put up, at the different small hotels and enjoy the local food and hospitality of the village people, who runs the hotels. You can also indulge in rafting in the river and cliffs that is pretty adventurous.

Village Trip

Villages are an integral part of sightseeing in Faroe Islands. You can explore some of the wonderful villages that are located in the island. While your trip to the island you can also visit the places where you can find beautiful pearls and there are number of tunnels where you can find pearls and other gems that are hidden.


It is one of the villages that are located in one of the highest mountains in the Faroes, which offers the visitors picturesque seaside views from the resorts that are located there. You can climb the steps down in order to reach the harbor. From there you can take rides on the small fishing boats in the lakes that lie in between two cliffs.