Finland is one of the most affluent European countries that boasts of fantastic tourist sites. When on a tour of Finland you can visit a number of incredible cities located in the country. Lapland is a Finnish province that consists of various municipalities. The province is also situated nearby to the location of some European countries like Russia, Sweden and Norway. It has been regarded as a popular tourist destination in Finland for many years. Lapland is also famous for its historical provinces. This is certainly one of the places which you must visit when traveling to Finland.

Historical provinces and buildings

Laponia is one of the most famous historical provinces that come under the region of Lapland. A number of incredible buildings that were constructed a long time back can be seen when you visit Laponia. Visitors coming to this historical province are often mesmerized by the exhibition of the wonderful architectural style of that era. Ostrobothania is another historical province that lies in Lapland. A number of architecture buildings which hail from the ancient era can still be seen in this wonderful region.

Towns and other attractions

The province of Vasterbotten also lies in Lapland. It boasts of being one of the most popular historical provinces found in the region. Some of the popular hotels of the province are located in the towns of Tornio and Rovaniemi.The town of Kemi is also known for the number of tourist attractions which it offers. On a trip to Rovaniemi you will get to see the famous Jatkankynttila bridge. You might also get to see the Rovaniemi Town Hall. The city also lies in the vicinity to two serene rivers, the Kemijoki River and the Ounasjoki River. A number of theatrical programs are arranged in the Lappia House and it draws a huge crowd.

Things to do and places to visit

Visiting the province could be full of fun as you would get to see the home of Santa Claus. Plenty of tourists come from different parts of the world to check out the Santa Claus Village based in Rovaniemi. When you visit this fantastic tourist destination you can even check out the Ounasvaara ski center. To see various ancient artifacts, Arktikum is the right place that showcases interesting artifacts for the enjoyment of the visitors. The various cities in Lapland are also full of different kinds of parks. You can even dine at the Finnish restaurants which are located in Lapland. There are a number of adventure activities which the visitors can participate in, on a tour of the province.