An all American style nightclub at Helsinki, Memphis attracts a considerable number of party lovers. Good food, hard drinks, dance and music and excellent ambiance all such factors make the restaurant one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife. The interiors of the restaurant are plush and cozy, walls and ceilings are colored in blue and green, lights are low on the tables and dance floor is wonderful. Memphis offers the best of Finnish nightlife.

Nightlife in Finland comprises of late night parties, clubs, bars and discos. There are quite a good number of nightclubs that offer all forms of adult entertainment. From all popular forms of cuisines and drinks to late night dance parties and lavishly decorated restaurants nightclub, Memphis is what a party lover would love to look for.

Frequented by the young crowd, Memphis at Helsinki is an excellent choice as far as the nightclub spots in the city are concerned. With a range of whiskeys, beer and cocktails followed by live music, the restaurant impresses both the domestic and foreign guests to the Finnish nightlife. Music shows iof European singers and dancers is one of the popular attractions of the place. Brilliant music, great parties, popular drinks, live entertaining music are some of the features of the nightlife in Memphis at Helsinki.

In terms of the interiors, the Memphis provides one of the wonderful settings that one can ask for. The setting is unique in the sense that live music and sound performances can be enjoyed along with food and snacks at the restaurant. The dance floor too is quite large enough to accommodate a good number of people at the same time. While a romantic sojourn for a young couple too can be enjoyed at the restaurant in Helsinki. The usual hours for the guests here is 9 in the late evenings till 5 in the morning.

Also, the security remains stringent inside and outside the nightclub so that unruly elements do not disturb the party goers inside the Memphis and affect the wonderful nightlife there.

Nightlife in Finland is one of the popular attractions for visitors to this country. The charges levied are a bit higher on account of the popularity and strategic location of the nightclub. This is a popular night joint for most of the city people. From the perspective of entertainment and value for money, the hours at Memphis offer some of the most invigorating time one could ask for.