Shopping in Finland

Apart from the capital city of Helsinki, there are different other place where you can drop in for shopping in Finland. Right from shopping malls, departmental stores, street shops etc there are number of shops. A brief overview regarding shopping is given below.

Shopping in Finland and Helsinki

Helsinki is a shopper's paradise. You can choose from a wide variety of goods that are available in different shopping malls. There are wide varieties of items, from which you can select. You can buy your goods from top departmental stores, shopping malls, flea markets, boutique shops, etc.

All the shops are located at convenient locations which can be reached easily by foot. If you are in look out for some designer clothes and some fashionable items, then you can drop in at Design District, situated in Punavuori, which houses different kinds of fashionable items.

Most of the shops in the capital city, including departmental stores and shopping malls remain open on weekdays and on Saturdays the shops remain open till evening. On the other hand small shops remains open on weekdays and on Saturdays, it remains open till afternoon.

Shopping Malls in Helsinki

For shopping in Finland, you can drop in at the different malls that are there in the capital city of Helsinki. Given below are names of few shopping malls in the capital city:

  • Antilla
  • Forum Shopping Center
  • Columbus
  • Itakeskus Shopping Complex

Stockmann Department Store

This is one of the departmental stores where you can drop in if you have plans for shopping in Finland. Stockmann Department Store is located right in the center of the capital city and is near to the Lutheran Cathedral. It is one of the largest departmental stores in the city and is the second largest store in the Scandinavian country.

There are different items from which you can select, and the different sections are divided into eight levels. You can choose from clothes, toys, books, jewelries, show pieces etc. If you are in look out of some souvenirs then you can get it from here, where you can choose from traditional to contemporary items. Due to its wide variety of goods, it is one of the favorite destinations for foreign tourists.


Saluhallen is local market. It is the market place, where you will find small shops, selling different items. This place is best suited if you are looking for some traditional stuffs. Here you will find different varieties of local sausages, canned foods, fresh seafood items, etc. You can pick up some best quality of local food items at cheap prices. If you feel hungry while shopping, then you can drop in at the cafes and small eateries and enjoy some local cuisines along with mock tails of your choice.

Shopping in Finland and Flea Markets

There are number of flea markets in and around Finland. One of the flea markets which are preferred by tourists is located at the Helsinki Harbor, outside the local market. This market is best suited for buying traditional items and local handicrafts at cheap rates. There are small shops, lined up on either side of the harbor, selling different kinds of goods. Some of the items which can buy while visiting the flea market are as follows:

  • Souvenirs
  • Fried Fishes
  • Traditional Jewelry
  • Handicraft Items

Various other places where you can drop in for shopping in Finland during your trip to the country are as follows:

  • Solo Market
  • Migros Shopping Mall
  • Sello
  • Kamppi Center