West Coast Finland

The West Coast region in Finland is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Europe. The huge number of tourist attractions which the region boasts of, draw the visitors to the region. The natural beauty of the West Coast region also serves the purpose of attracting the tourists. West Coast of Finland covers a vast region around the Gulf of Bothnia. It even includes one of the most popular historic sites in Finland, the ancient town of Rauma. The old town has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO and bears numerous fantastic attractions. The town of Rauma lies to the western part of the Finnish province. In the northern part of the West Coast Province lies the famous city of Oulu.

Popular towns

The enchanting beauty of the towns located in the West Coast of Finland, attract tourists from all over the world. There are many cities in this region which are known for its picturesque scenery. For instance the cities of Uusikaupunki and Pori are noted for their resplendent beauty and various exotic locations. While being on a vacation in the West Coast province of Finland you must visit the city of Rauma. The town of Vaasa is another lovely region that has been in the limelight for its convenient location and innumerable attractions. The town of the region make it one of the must visit places when traveling to Finland.

Cities, roadways and handicraft stores

The cities of Pietarsaari and Oulu are also known as 2 of the popular tourist destinations of Finland. A number of beautiful manors and houses can be observed while traveling on the highways. Along the roadways you will get to see a great number of handicraft shops. The handicraft shops in the West Coast Province showcase different types of hand made jewelery, gift articles and souvenirs.

It is quite a common sight to see the tourists stopping by the shops to buy the different handicraft items.

Festivals and accommodation

The islands located near the West Coast are regarded as some of the popular sightseeing destinations. The ample greenery which surrounds the region is quite pleasing to the eyes. West Coast also hosts a number of popular festivals which not only attract the locals but also the foreign tourists. The International Jazz Festival held at Pori ever year has always been regarded as one of most popular music festivals in Finland. West Coast has also become famous for harboring some of the most fabulous five star hotels and resorts. The hotels provide high quality hospitality and organize many sightseeing tours.